Brad Stine Has Issues: Why It’s Stupid To ‘Cancel’ Conservatives

Brad Stine Has Issues: Why It’s Stupid To ‘Cancel’ Conservatives March 12, 2021

Why It’s Stupid To ‘Cancel’ Conservatives

Welcome to the New America. Dubbed ‘God’s Comic’ by the New Yorker, for 16-years, Brad Stine has been the comedic trailblazer of politically incorrect, Christian and Conservative comedy. His new show, ‘Brad Stine Has Issues’, covers cultural issues with his signature brand of comedic sarcasm and satire with insight that will be appreciated by everyone who loves laughter, liberty, and the freedom to tell the truth without fear.

Why It's Stupid To 'Cancel' ConservativesIf you do not know who I am, you should know right off the bat that I believe in freedom. I believe in freedom of speech, and so I want to give you the same opportunity. I hear a lot of people try to tell us all the time when we see something we don’t want to see, “Hey, just turn the channel.” 

I’m going to give you a little channel turn chance right now, before we get the ball rolling.

Now, number one: I am a conservative comedian – one of two known to exist in the western hemisphere.

Number two: I am a Christian. I believe that God is real and I’m proud of that. That is the heritage of my country. 

And number three: I believe the United States of America is the greatest country that has ever existed on the face of the earth. It’s worth fighting for, it’s worth dying for. Because there’s never been a country like this. It’s better than Europe – that’s why we left.

I believe in these ideas, and because of those three ideas, because of my my politics, because of my patriotism, because of my religious belief system – those three ideas drive my view.

When I die, I will be stuffed, mounted and sent to the Smithsonian Institute in the “Why He Never Got His Own Sitcom” display… because Hollywood doesn’t let people like us on their tv shows.

Why? It’s obvious. Because since only half of Americans vote Conservative, and since only 90 percent of Americans believe in God, and since most Americans are patriotic, they realize there’s just no market for what I’m doing!

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