Life Grounded: Women, Abortion and Success

Life Grounded: Women, Abortion and Success March 25, 2021

Women, Abortion and Success

How did we get to this place where society has told women to succeed in life, they must abort their children?

Stars who shout their abortion and say that they wouldn’t be successful without their abortion?

Who told them they had to abort to succeed? Shouldn’t this make us angry?

That’s abuse. You can only have this role if you do this…

In and of itself, this is discrimination against women. We would never tell a man to get rid of his children to succeed. In the 70s and 80s, society told us we could have it all – but now only if you abort. The fact of the matter is, if this is true, then we were lied to. Yes, there are sacrifices, every decision has sacrifices. But do we sacrifice human lives?

I understand these sacrifices. I was a single parent for 11 years. I wasn’t co-parenting with someone, it was ALL me, and it was difficult sometimes. I was actually told by my child’s father, “If you abort this child, I will work on this relationship.” We hear that and think, “Oh my gosh, who would say that?!”

But isn’t that what society is saying to women?

If you abort this child, you can have… whatever you want!

Yes, I know this is not the only reason women consider or choose abortion. Remember, I have spent the last ten years sitting knee-to-knee with women considering abortion. As similar as their stories are, their story is unique to them and should be heard and respected.

But shouldn’t a “progressive society” be saying that we value this next generation, and we will come alongside you to get your education, to get that job, AND have children? How will this end?

When we start standing up and saying we need to do better for women, that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their children to survive.

We need to say ENOUGH.

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Life Grounded: Women, Abortion and Success
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Life Grounded: Women, Abortion and Success
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