May 26, 2024

Michael Sheen’s tour-de-force portrayal of Nye Bevan hits all the right notes for this American in Kentucky. Read more

May 24, 2024

Honoring sabbath for both people & Creation is an act of faith. We trust God by releasing our need for productivity & delighting in God’s world. Read more

May 10, 2024

An Eco-Pentecost celebrates churches united in their efforts to help restore and protect God’s Creation. Read more

April 5, 2024

Earth Day is right around the corner! Science and religion can collaborate to help with preaching about climate change. Read more

April 3, 2024

Plastic Jesus is everywhere, just like plastic itself. For Earth Day, churches can call for a plastic-free future. Read more

March 30, 2024

Michael Sheen's The Passion of Port Talbot is a modern retelling of the crucifixion that could inspire churches to tell their own story. Read more

March 11, 2024

Creeped out by Katie Britt’s voice in her rebuttal to the SOTU? Then the speech wasn’t for you. But it signals the future she wants for America. Read more

March 7, 2024

Jesus’s teaching in John 12:20-33 about a seed dying in order to bear fruit can find deep resonance with Indigenous wisdom. Read more

February 8, 2024

A rainbow is more than just prism droplets of light and color. It’s an eternal symbol of God’s desire for peace with Creation and humanity. Read more

January 20, 2024

Here are 8 signs and red flags that a pastor might be preaching Christian nationalism – either explicitly or implicitly. Read more

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