Growing Up Conservative

Growing Up Conservative July 27, 2016
Public Domain (The Geographer.jpg) via Wikimedia Commons
Public Domain (The Geographer.jpg) via Wikimedia Commons

I’m still doing some housekeeping on this blog to get myself situated and organized, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am still working on the series that I had begun on ‘Growing Up Conservative,’ which is itself pending a better title. I’m writing these posts in response to our channel editor Sam Rocha’s call for those of us who have taken a critical stance toward conservative ideology to write about our process of literally growing up and out of it ‘in as clear-eyed and even-toned prose’ as we can. Sam’s own story can be found on his blog.

There are currently 3.5 posts in this series.  Previous posts are:
PART 1: ‘Sure, I’ll write about growing up conservative’
PART 2: ‘I thought “conservative” just meant “solid” and “dependable”‘
PART 3: ‘Catholic school contorted my conservatism because we had to read closely’
ADDENDUM TO PART 3: Stuff I remember reading in high school

Although I will be teaching a course on ‘Comparative Minority Conservatisms’ at Northwestern University in the fall quarter, my posts here will unfortunately not be able to cover the intellectual depth and breadth of the ‘conservative tradition.’ These are personal reflections and can only take into account the influences that actually were influential as I was growing up. Any more than that, and I will have to send this all out to a peer-reviewed journal, which would be a shame, because I am sure it would be rejected.

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