On Elections: A Letter from My DOD (Dear Old Dad)

On Elections: A Letter from My DOD (Dear Old Dad) November 10, 2016

A great leader doesn't lie.

Dear John Mark:

Our household has mixed feelings this morning.  We are glad that HRC will not be President of the United States. She and Bill suffered a demoralizing defeat.

We are glad that Republicans maintain control of Congress.

We are glad that the Supreme Court will be presided over by constitutionalists.

The Obama legacy is finished.

Some further thoughts:

Never be ashamed of doing what you believe is right. We are proud of you both for your stand for integrity and righteousness.

Never apologize for standing for morality and Christian values.

Donald Trump’s life has not been, even in this campaign, one that builds trust or confidence in his integrity or morals. He was not a good candidate.  If Rubio had been at the top of the ticket, it would have been a Republican rout.

The Conservative movement in the Republican Party is not dead.  It is very much alive.  For the most part, the members of the Senate and House are very conservative. There are many very conservative governors and statehouses. Even if Trump may not be a true conservative, he will work with a Congress that is. This election was not a repudiation of the conservative movement in the Republican Party.

While I am sure racists and bigots voted for Trump, they have not taken over the Republican Party. * Trump himself may be a bigot and racist, but this will not dominate his administration. (No quarter to bigots and racists.) 

Evangelicals did not vote for Trump because they personally approved of him.  They were voting against HRC. They were voting for what is in the Republican platform. It was a  strong pro life and pro family vote.

If polls are to be believed at all, the most unpopular candidate defeated the second most unpopular candidate. HRC may still win the popular vote. Both were terrible candidates.

Much of the American people are angry at elitists who tell them what they should think and what they should do.  Nancy Pelosi epitomized this in her attitude toward the adoption of Obomacare.  To paraphrase: “This is good. You do not need to understand it now.”  It is the paternalistic attitude, we know what is best for you, that made folks angry.

While many personally like Obama, this vote was a repudiation of his policies and executive over reach.

While I have not listened to Trump’s speech, I understand it was not the bombastic candidate speaking.  Much of the bombastic Trump may have been to fire up his people.  He may govern with some sense. He has sensible people counselling him, and let us hope he will be teachable.  He is now in a system where there are those who have power to keep him in check.

While we may not like a lot of the people who will surround him,  many of them know how to govern and build bridges.

I also think McMullin should get back in the party and run for the Senate.

Where we were wrong was underestimating the frustration and anger of the folks.

These are part of our thoughts this morning.

Be of good cheer. Jesus is Lord.  He is the Lord of history. He is working a plan for the good of His Kingdom and the ultimate good of humanity.



(Dear Old Dad)


I have lightly edited this letter to make it more general and removed some personal references. Errors are mine, not DOD’s. Opinions are his.

*Note: this sentence came in the context of defending Trump voters (on the whole) as NOT voting based on misogyny and racism. It is not intended to imply most are … just that some might be.

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