Truly, He is Risen and is Reigning

Truly, He is Risen and is Reigning April 16, 2017

310px-Spas_vsederzhitel_sinay_optTruth matters and the truth is this: Jesus died and now is alive. The body that went into the tomb came out different and Jesus ascended to God where He rules.

He defeated death to become High King, not just to win a victory over death. He earned the right to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords by divine descent and by human conquest. He finished His earthly work to ascend to Heavenly rule.

Jesus defeated death through life. He overcame hate with love. Jesus did not come on Christmas, live, do miracles, suffer, die, harrow Hell, and rise from the dead for nothing. He came to finish the work and the work was to restore the relationship between God and humankind.

His work is done in the sense that no more is needed to make it so, but is only fully completed from our perspective when His Kingdom comes and His will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Many prayers will be answered “yes” in the City of God that apparently have received no answer yet. If you do not believe prayer accomplishes anything, this truth will not persuade you, but for the vast majority of us who know prayer works, this is even better news. We do not just pray for now, but for the world to come and in that world all good prayers are answered “yes.”

King Jesus has all the power and the will to make goodness, truth, and beauty fall down on us like rain. This Easter we will praise King Jesus, because King Jesus deserves praise!

We are not making God do things, as if we could bribe the Almighty or manipulate Him with worship. We are allowed to participate in His plan. We are like small children allowed by a loving parent to decide what color the room will be. Of course, God wants us to achieve human adulthood, but compared to the Omnipotent, we are all children in knowledge!

We want what is best. He knows what is best and so we pray “Thy will be done” and then we can thank Him, because that will is coming. Every pleasure we ever asked to receive will be received in Paradise, even if the manner we asked to receive it in was wrong headed. Most kids who pray for a pony shouldn’t get one, but in Paradise all the joy that could have been, the joy that the child imagined would come from the pony, will be there in a pure and undefiled form.

And so Jesus began the three holy days (Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) by praying (as we should): “Not my will, but Thine be done.” He took the cup and drank it, the brew prepared by human sinfulness over all time. Humankind tormented the Son of Glory, but God willed good from our evil. We chose badly, God chose to transform that bad choice to great goodness. At the cross, Jesus wrenched the evil we have done from leading all of us to hell and opened a highway to Heaven.

Having done this, Jesus righted wrong, harrowed hell, and prepared a paradise for anyone who wishes to go. All Hail King Jesus! He is risen, He is risen in truth! Hallelujah!

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