Contributing to Christian Democracy Magazine

Contributing to Christian Democracy Magazine May 11, 2016

David Russell Mosley


Octave of the Ascension
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Friends and Family,

While I have mentioned this before, things are just different enough for me to make another announcement. A while back I wrote a post on distributism and hobbit society for Christian Democracy Magazine. It was, I am told, a fairly popular (at least in terms of views) essay. Well, some things have been shifting at Christian Democracy and they are now going to a monthly schedule. Each month a slew of articles will be posted at once, you know, like a real magazine. I have been asked to be a regular contributor to this new format and have accepted.

So what does this mean?

I will, of course, still be writing here at Letters from the Edge of Elfland. This blog, since its days as Letters from Nottingham, holds a special place in my heart and serves as a great platform for my literary, sacramental, liturgical, and other interests. Christian Democracy Magazine will likely see the majority of my essays on distributism, politics, and Catholic Social Teaching (but by no means all of them since I only have to write one essay a month for them). Christian Democracy Magazine, will simply be a new place where you can regularly find me on a specific subject.

I’m still trying to think what my second essay will be. The first issue of the new schedule will likely come out in July with many other (and on this subject probably better) writers as well. I’ll post links to some of my previous essays on the topics of distributism and politics/economics, feel free to peruse and let me know if there’s anything there that piques your interest and you’d like to see more on, let me know.

Until then I remain


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