For the Old Man at Apotheca

For the Old Man at Apotheca March 17, 2019


St. Patrick’s Day

The Edge of Elfland

Concord, NH

Rembrandt, PD

Dearest Readers,

Today while on a date with my wife, I saw an older man wandering around the coffeeshop in Goffstown, NH called Apotheca. This poem is for him, and for you. 

The old man wanders round the coffeeshop,
Talking to any who will give him an ear.
Change happens around him, and does not stop,
Yes the seems much the same. He is not one to fear
The transfigurations of time. He talks to friends,
To strangers, all are treated as family.
He sits and reads the paper, not looking for trends
But local news. For time moves differently
For him. For diner turns to trendy store,
One that sells small plants and flowers, desserts
And decorations, coffee, crafts, and more.
Perhaps when he was young he felt weltshmerz,
But now he lives each day as much the same
Because he knows that life is  it a game. 

David Russell Mosley

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