Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Let Harvey Weinstein Go

Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Let Harvey Weinstein Go December 6, 2017

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A new report from the New York Times “The Daily” podcast today reveals even more disturbing about Harvey Weinstein scandal than we knew before — including his close relationship with Hillary Clinton until only very recently.

Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the reporters who originally broke the Weinstein story, spoke about the ways in which Weinstein manipulated employees and reporters into covering his secrets for years — possibly decades. They spoke of a “bible” of rules for employees that helped ensure Weinstein wasn’t caught by his wife or others. They also reported on the ways in which he maintained leverage against media by providing them with OTHER gossip to print when they had something on him.

There was also discussion of a secret method of keeping & distributing his erectile dysfunction medication for him — and how an account of a girl who was fired when she complained to HR about being uncomfortable about what she was asked to do.

Most notably, however, is Weinstein’s very close relationship with Clinton, one in which he helped raise millions for her campaigns — including the most recent one. Apparently, Clinton was still working with Weinstein on a TV show even after accusations came out against him, and didn’t step back until things heated up even more. Additionally, the reporters said Weinstein helped raise money and defend Bill Clinton when the Monica Lewinsky scandal was going on in the 90s.

It’s incredible to think about how elaborate this man’s plan in covering his tracks was when it seems nearly everyone who knew him knew about his awful behavior. While I guess its possible Hillary Clinton didn’t know, the Daily also reported that Lena Dunham told the campaign early on that Weinstein was bad news, even calling him a “rapist.” Her claims were ignored and the campaign continued right on working with Weinstein.

It’s hard to believe how long his actions were covered and how much of their souls media folks had to sell in order to cover story after story after story. Unfortunately, it’s not hard to believe that the Clintons continued working with him as we know that Bill and Harvey are cut from the same cloth — and Hillary has a history of not believing women. But don’t tell her many female fans that — it might make them uncomfortable.

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