Booker Lecturing Nielsen Was Totally Inappropriate, Deserves No Respect

Booker Lecturing Nielsen Was Totally Inappropriate, Deserves No Respect January 18, 2018

When I first saw the Cory Booker monologue regarding President Trump’s “shithole countries” comments, I thought it sounded impassioned. Then, I realized he was lecturing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as if she herself needed a history and morality lesson from his greatness, Cory Booker. He spoke to Nielsen as if she herself were a racist in need of a talking-to about her despicable moral character — as if she were responsible for comments that President Trump made. It was out of control inappropriate and caused me to lose quite a bit of respect for him.

Here’s the thing — Cory Booker is really good at social media. He loves Snapchat and I’m pretty sure he knows how to open up his phone and go on Facebook Live. He clearly had a lot to say about this issue and there were plenty of platforms on which he could say it. Unfortunately, he chose a public setting to insult and berate a female colleague in a way some are now calling “mansplaining.” Now, I don’t really believe in “mansplaining” — I think it’s a silly made-up term people use as an excuse (an irritating woman could be accused of “woman-splaining”) — it’s all really dumb. That being said, the Left loves this term and had Booker been a conservative politician lecturing say…Nancy Pelosi…you can bet there’d be an uproar about sexism or mansplaining.


He waved away this accusation saying he shouldn’t have to treat someone differently based on their gender (YES, that’s why many conservatives hate that stupid term “mansplaining”), which was rather convenient for him at this moment. But the mansplaining isn’t even the point. Who is Cory Booker to tear down Nielsen’s character in front of a national audience, based on alleged comments made by her boss? He clearly thinks himself superior in more ways than one to the likes of Nielsen, putting on a performance only a politicians with Presidential aspirations could as we head toward 2020.

There’s no honor in publicly attacking the character of a woman with whom you disagree. Take your monologue and put it in one of the myriad of other places available to you. Your adoring fans can watch it there — and it will be a whole lot more respectable too.

Watch it here if you can stand it:

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  • DCDaddy

    To be fair, she seemed to have Jeff Sessions’ problem of not being able to recall what was said, but then lied about everyone using “harsh” language, which wasn’t true. She also appeared to not know that Norway was predominantly white. However, a more measured criticism from Booker would’ve been more effective.

  • Ericka Andersen

    He should have saved it for another platform, instead of personally belittling her. I can’t say if she actually heard the comment and neither can anyone else. Either way, he was showing off.

  • E Brown

    She doesn’t know that Norway is 90% White. She’s either an idiot or a liar. You choose.

  • Fartrell Cluggins

    So, by your reasoning, if it were a Republican grilling a Democrat who pulled the same “I can’t recall, eerrr, I don’t know” B.S., that would be okay?

    The way she hemmed and hawed over the simplest of questions, showed she was most likely caught lying and also that she isn’t close to being fit for the position she fills. It comes down to minimum standards, and boy are those standards approaching the Mariana Trench these days.

  • Fartrell Cluggins

    Is she to be treated gingerly because she’s a woman then? What if he or another was grilling Hillary and she acted the way Nielsen did?