7 Weeks Gestation: A Look at 5 Fingers and Toes in the First Trimester

7 Weeks Gestation: A Look at 5 Fingers and Toes in the First Trimester January 19, 2018

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Today is the March for Life and I’m compelled to share. I’m always passionate about helping to save the lives of unborn babies but it’s particularly meaningful as I am carrying an unborn baby right now.

I’m saddened to see that every single Democrat in the House voted today against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which seeks to impose criminal penalties on abortion providers who do not give medical attention to babies born alive after failed abortions. Granted, this is a very rare scenario but if we are going to talk about what is and isn’t life, such scenarios simply must be taken into account. It has happened and it will happen again. As National Review reports, 15 years ago, such a measure was passed by BOTH parties unanimously so it’s incredible how far down the rabbit hole Democrats have gone on this issue.

It’s upsetting the the issue of abortion is so terribly partisan. I’m not sure what makes valuing life before birth a partisan issue at all, but have met pro-life Democrats who feel ostracized from their Party in this way and it’s a huge shame. The old line that pro-lifers want to “control women’s bodies” is so shriveled and nonsensical that I can’t believe it’s still used in common language in pro-choice circles. Most pro-lifers are truly compassionate individuals who geniunely want to save the lives of babies and for mamas to feel they don’t need to make this harmful decision.

On the bright side, the pro-life perspective continues to gain momentum as science gives us more and more information about exactly what those little humans are doing — and who they are at earlier stages. As a lifelong pro-life activist, even I was amazed by the baby I saw in my womb at a mere 9 weeks pregnant (7 weeks gestation):

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That’s only mid-FIRST trimester and you can clearly see my little girl’s 5 fingers (it’s more clear in the actual photo), her head, her body — most explicitly a little human inside my still nearly flat tummy. When people wrestle with the question of “When is a person really a person” — I can’t understand. You know when a person is a person — we all begin in our mother’s wombs. Are you telling me you’d look at this photo of my baby — the size of a cherry — and tell me that’s not a person? A person has toes and eyes and a beating heart and a brain and organs — as does this little being right here. There’s simply no other way to begin. It certainly doesn’t start when we take our first breaths. It’s so common sense, it’s flabbergasting that there’s even debate. But I digress…

Some say trying to outlaw abortion is not the way to go. I too prefer to focus on cultural change as well and would much rather a woman choose life than be forced to do so by law. However, we know that culture often follows the law and were abortion to be outlawed, it would be less and less viewed as an acceptable choice in society. When I speak of abortion, I’m referring to the great majority of them which are preformed on healthy mothers with healthy pregnancies. Extenuating circumstances like rape, great medical issues, incest and other situations can and should be looked at separately.

What’s my point? I’m not at the March for Life but I do stand for life everyday — and I stand for moms not feeling like abortion is their only choice, for providing the support that they need to make the decision that is best for mom and for baby. I stand against women’s magazines and feminist groups trying to send the message that choosing abortion is a totally valid choice without consequence. I stand against what is the opposite of female empowerment — telling a woman she needs an abortion to live the life she wants to live. I stand for adoption, because there are so many families about there looking for newborn babies because they can’t have their own.

Thank you March for Life for continuing this enduring tradition and powerful message — and for everyone who works tirelessly on behalf of the babies and mamas that benefit from the movement.

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  • BarbT

    ***I too prefer to focus on cultural change as well and would much rather a woman choose life than be forced to do so by law.***

    Does that mean a murderer shouldn’t be “forced by law” to allow YOU to live if he chooses to kill you? How about your 5 yr old child? Sorry, but when people realize their lives are no more valuable or precious than a pre-born infant maybe lukewarm comments like the quote above will cease.

  • brandehhh

    Actually, pro BIRTHERS do want to control women. Women listening to their husbands, preaching the exact same garbage they preach. MAYBE if the woman’s life, health, wellbeing and why she was aborting actally mattered, since you claim to be pro life, AND MAYBE if the kids that are already ALIVE AND BORN mattered you guus might have a leg to stand on. But telling a woman that she cannot have say over her own body, not yours, is control. Women are not property. Just because someone is pro choice does not mean they are pro aborton. It means they are PRO WOMEN DECIDING FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR BODIES.
    Also how you mention, so many families are looking for newborn babies”. That riggt there. The kids waiting for families do not matter. Only the unborn babies do.

    Coming from a mom of boys who fought to get pregnant. I would never, ever, ever tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.

  • Bungarra

    “However, we know that culture often follows the law and were abortion to be outlawed, it would be less and less viewed as an acceptable choice in society. Read more at

    http://www.patheos.com/blogs/erickaandersen/2018/01/7-weeks-gestation-look-5-fingers-toes-first-trimester/#pIXfV2j52g3IKdP3.99 …….”

    Bit of a problem here. When Abortions were illegal many women also were damaged/killed seeking them. That helped to drive the push for legal abortions. I wonder if we will have the same concepts after the ‘War on Drugs’ and the prison industry depending on it, is just a foot note of history.

    Overall, the issue I have not seen discussed greatly or widely is why the relatively high rates of Abortions cf number of pregnancies in the US compared with say Holland? It could be suggested that greater depth of sexual education for children and young adults which should include the growth stages of the fetus, better availability of contraception and if anything some what lower rates of early sexual activity seems to reduce the numbers of undesirable (for the woman) pregnancies. We may also need to change some of the guidelines for our entertainment and pop culture industries.

    Be very careful in assessing Abortion statistics. It seems that 30-35% of fertilized eggs/ developing fetuses will naturally spontaneously abort. Mostly before the woman has realized she is pregnant. Stock breeders know how to treat their stock to improve calving of lambing percentages, and what not to do to breeding populations. Probably more interactions needed between the human and veterinary systems would be profitable.

    Me – Abortion needs to be freely available if there are serious issues with the that particular event, yet in practice it should be relatively rare.

    John Holmes

  • Barros Serrano

    First it should be noted that in the first trimester what you’re seeing are generalized vertebrate traits (including 5 digits). The fetus shows no real human characteristics until the 2nd trimester. Hindu theologians say that it is after 3 months that the soul enters the unborn body.

    So we have to question if Christians opposed to first-trimester abortions are simply following an unsubstantiated dogma without even considering “when life begins”. And, well, it’s not “life” in fact that we’re worried about, it is rather the presence of a human soul.

    The polarization around this issue in the U$A, of militant no-restrictions-at-all pro-choicers vs no-abortions-at-all pro-lifers, inhibits us improving the situation in any meaningful way. We could leave abortion entirely legal and yet greatly reduce its occurrence. But nooooooooooooo we cannot even get the 2 sides together to discuss such possibilities.

    I recall Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY) discussing just what I am mentioning, means of reducing abortion numbers, but of course it all came to naught, as nobody else would cooperate with their efforts.

    So… do nothing, oppose sex education and contraception, refuse to address the social factors motivating women to seek abortions, and the numbers of abortions in the U$A will remain high. Can we really blame only the pro-choicers for this?