Senator Kristin Gillibrand Stereotypes Women in the Worst Way

Senator Kristin Gillibrand Stereotypes Women in the Worst Way January 30, 2018

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Senator Kristin Gillibrand is really on a roll this week. First, she sent out this obtuse tweet:

For someone who claims to stand up for women, it’s interesting she assumes that all women think alike on the issue of abortion — or any issue for that matter. Women are not a monolothic group and it’s pretty insulting that Gillibrand would assume we are.

It’s the classic mistake of the Left — and certainly of the Hillary Clinton campaign (among others.) Despite women’s groups like Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood acting as if they symbolize the beliefs of all women, nearly half of women in this country do NOT identify with them.

As to the issue of abortion, science and technology increasingly reveals that humanity of life in the womb earlier and earlier — and support for abortion is nosediving. The 20-week abortion ban did not pass last night but that doesn’t mean things aren’t changing in the minds of both men and women.

Additionally, Gillibrand tweeted that the idea of a ban was just a Republican attempt to “control women’s health care decisions.” No, m’am.  I suppose its all about the messaging but the right thing to do would be…admit that pro-lifers have genuine, heartfelt concerns and beliefs about the lives of pre-born babies. We have compassion and love for mothers AND children. Our beliefs are not motivated by some weird desire to “control” women — but out of love and compassion and authentic belief in the value of ALL life at every stage.

Gillibrand and others don’t have to agree with us, but they could respect the thought process behind it instead of trying to paint us as heartless monsters who want to destroy and control women.

As much as I hate abortion, I don’t think Gillibrand is a monster for believing in abortion. I think she’s misled. I think she’s wrong. But I don’t think she hates babies and wants women to suffer. I also understand that many of the abortions conducted after 20 weeks are tragic cases, where women DO want their babies but are left with few options. I also think it’s horrific that these cases aren’t taken on a case-by-case basis. No woman with a healthy pregnancy should be legally allowed to abort at 20 weeks or later!

I wish Gillibrand and others would acknowledge the grave reality of what is happening. It would be tough to look at an ultrasound even as early as 9-10 weeks (hello five fingers, beating hearts & buzzing brains!) and then say in that same moment, it’s perfectly okay to kill that child. And 20 weeks — I can’t even fathom the horrific actions that are taken to end the lives of those fully, formed, nearly viable little ones.

Both sides do this to one another. I can only pray for the realities of abortion’s horrific practices to be revealed to those who support abortion on demand for healthy moms and babies. I realize there are more complicated situations, like gravely ill children, mothers or situations — but the vast majority of abortions are not those.

Thanks to the abortion extremism of Planned Parenthood and the Left, “safe, legal and rare” is no longer a thing. They want you to be proud of your abortion, have them for any reason that suits you and who cares if it’s rare? This is an awful progression from the Left — not to mention that have nearly abandoned pro-life Democrats.

All that being said, I have such little respect for Senator Gillibrand — not only for these misleading and shameful tweets but also for being a hypocrite in other respects.

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