Senator Kristin Gillibrand Stereotypes Women in the Worst Way

Senator Kristin Gillibrand Stereotypes Women in the Worst Way January 30, 2018

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Senator Kristin Gillibrand is really on a roll this week. First, she sent out this obtuse tweet:

For someone who claims to stand up for women, it’s interesting she assumes that all women think alike on the issue of abortion — or any issue for that matter. Women are not a monolothic group and it’s pretty insulting that Gillibrand would assume we are.

It’s the classic mistake of the Left — and certainly of the Hillary Clinton campaign (among others.) Despite women’s groups like Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood acting as if they symbolize the beliefs of all women, nearly half of women in this country do NOT identify with them.

As to the issue of abortion, science and technology increasingly reveals that humanity of life in the womb earlier and earlier — and support for abortion is nosediving. The 20-week abortion ban did not pass last night but that doesn’t mean things aren’t changing in the minds of both men and women.

Additionally, Gillibrand tweeted that the idea of a ban was just a Republican attempt to “control women’s health care decisions.” No, m’am.  I suppose its all about the messaging but the right thing to do would be…admit that pro-lifers have genuine, heartfelt concerns and beliefs about the lives of pre-born babies. We have compassion and love for mothers AND children. Our beliefs are not motivated by some weird desire to “control” women — but out of love and compassion and authentic belief in the value of ALL life at every stage.

Gillibrand and others don’t have to agree with us, but they could respect the thought process behind it instead of trying to paint us as heartless monsters who want to destroy and control women.

As much as I hate abortion, I don’t think Gillibrand is a monster for believing in abortion. I think she’s misled. I think she’s wrong. But I don’t think she hates babies and wants women to suffer. I also understand that many of the abortions conducted after 20 weeks are tragic cases, where women DO want their babies but are left with few options. I also think it’s horrific that these cases aren’t taken on a case-by-case basis. No woman with a healthy pregnancy should be legally allowed to abort at 20 weeks or later!

I wish Gillibrand and others would acknowledge the grave reality of what is happening. It would be tough to look at an ultrasound even as early as 9-10 weeks (hello five fingers, beating hearts & buzzing brains!) and then say in that same moment, it’s perfectly okay to kill that child. And 20 weeks — I can’t even fathom the horrific actions that are taken to end the lives of those fully, formed, nearly viable little ones.

Both sides do this to one another. I can only pray for the realities of abortion’s horrific practices to be revealed to those who support abortion on demand for healthy moms and babies. I realize there are more complicated situations, like gravely ill children, mothers or situations — but the vast majority of abortions are not those.

Thanks to the abortion extremism of Planned Parenthood and the Left, “safe, legal and rare” is no longer a thing. They want you to be proud of your abortion, have them for any reason that suits you and who cares if it’s rare? This is an awful progression from the Left — not to mention that have nearly abandoned pro-life Democrats.

All that being said, I have such little respect for Senator Gillibrand — not only for these misleading and shameful tweets but also for being a hypocrite in other respects.

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  • Farelle

    Given that Christians are, according to the American Council of Bishops, 35 times more likely to sexually abuse children than non-believers, until they hand over the millions of pedophiles they are protecting, you have no right to speak about the rights of children, for it is clear ‘pro=life’ is simply the search for more victims to rape.

  • Rod Bristol

    Your hatred obscures anything you say. Attributing vile motives to people who disagree with you persuades no one. Get a healthier ego.

  • heidi jo bean

    Just imagine if we taught males to be 100% responsible with their ejaculate… the need for abortion would diminish considerably.
    And there IS a need for safe, legal abortion, and easy access to those services.
    Your statement “nearly half of women in this country do NOT identify with them” is flat out WRONG.
    The latest statistics show that 72% believe Roe v Wade should not be overturned, leaving 26% wanting to overturn it. (PEW RESEARCH LINK:

    Furthermore, if you are so concerned with fetuses, where’s your concern for babies already born and breathing?
    Have you adopted any of the over 100,000 unwanted children in orphanages?
    Do you volunteer at any of those orphanages, or are you a big sister to an unwanted child?
    Do you vote for candidates who want to cut food stamps and CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program?
    Are YOU prepared to pay more in YOUR taxes to support, feed, clothe, educate, and house all these fetuses until they’re 18 years old, at a cost over over $250,000 for each child?
    Are you really Pro-Life, or just Pro-Fetus, and Forced Birth?
    Do you really want a government that has the power to force a woman to give birth to an unwanted fetus?
    Can you imagine a government that has complete control over women’s reproductive organs?

  • rtgmath

    “Gillibrand and others don’t have to agree with us, but they could respect the thought process behind it instead of trying to paint us as heartless monsters who want to destroy and control women.”

    Destroy women? No. Most on the left do not accuse conservatives of wanting to do that. But the assertion that conservatives *do* want to control women is valid. That is, they wish to restrict a woman’s choice concerning pregnancy, with some even saying that rape and the attendant pregnancy are God’s will and the woman (or child) should be forced to bear the conception to term. The rapist has more rights to force a woman to bear his children in many states than the woman has a right to say “no.” And prominent evangelical and conservative political voices assert this, trying at every step to make abortion totally illegal.

    The fact is that the Scriptural support for saying that life at conception is “fully human” is sketchy at best. The Jews did not see the baby as being “alive” until it had drawn its first breath, the “breath of life.” So there is certainly room for disagreement.

    Perhaps liberals have become so strident in response to the constant accusations by conservatives of being monsters and baby-killers. Conservatives have shown zero compassion toward women who have need of abortions in the last many years, even due to miscarriages. Some Catholic hospitals will not even call an ambulance to take a woman to a hospital that deals with miscarriages, preferring to see the woman die if the baby dies. Those policies are monstrous!

    And the author does not admit that abortions have actually decreased, even in states where women’s health services are readily available and contraception is easily accessible. Abortion becomes rarer when the babies conceived are wanted.

    So, the author may not wish to destroy women, but she does want to control them, to force them to abide by her own understanding of the matter instead of letting women decide for themselves. And that desire to control has the unfortunate effect of destroying women.

  • rtgmath

    If you have heartfelt compassion for both mothers AND children, then ensure the child’s welfare AFTER birth by making sure that every child has adequate nutrition, adequate health care, and a good education. Make sure the parents don’t have to live in poverty by ensuring they can get a good education, get jobs that pay livable wages and allow them to have the time to spend with their children.

    Take care of the children that are actually born, and then — and only then — will I believe you care about the children who are unborn.

  • Fartrell Cluggins

    She is not assuming every woman thinks like she does, not at all, she’s just standing up for the freedom for each woman to choose for herself. Why is choice such a hard topic for conservatives? Leave the rest of us alone to do what we want with our own bodies, as long as it’s not hurting others. For a party constantly bleating about “personal responsibility” and “freedom”, they sure do love to control what others do, and it’s hypocrisy at maximum level.

    The fact you accuse “the left” of this misinterpretation tells me you’re deep inside the right-wing bubble, believing their cartoonish view of what the left actually stands for. If Jesus were on Earth today, he’d be aligned with Democrats/the left, not in any way close to the gross hypocritical game the GOP has been playing for decades: anti-poor, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, hateful (anti-love), etc. One party wants to include everybody and wants everybody to be able to marry whom they love, and one wants to build walls to keep everyone (non-white and poor) away, and a small percentage in (white and rich).

    I understand you and many others are against abortion. Fine, that’s your choice. But don’t in any way force that belief onto anyone else. It’s your choice alone, leave it at that.

  • Fartrell Cluggins

    Perfectly stated! Conservatives are so pro-life until the baby is actually born, then, “so long, good luck, pull yourself up by your bootstraps!”

  • Glenn Sackett

    You’re also painting “the other side” in unfair terms. Many of us would place the value of life above other values such as convenience or preventing suffering. That doesn’t mean that we want people to be proud of their abortions; it means that we understand God values human responsibility and freedom of choice as necessary and often uncomfortable companions. We recognize a God who tells us what is right, what is best, what to avoid, yet allows us to choose, even wrongly, because it is the nature of God to be invitational, not coercive. We think it is shortsighted to be more restrictive than that. We also recognize that people often are unaware of the consequences of their choices until they begin to live with those consequences. That is how we learn. God allows that, supports people in that enlightenment. So do we, and we are willing to sit with people in that often uncomfortable space of regret, to help them rebuild the life they choose differently now that they know what they didn’t know earlier. That is the incarnational ministry of Christ.

  • james warren

    “Do not judge.”
    –Jesus of Nazareth

    He either said it or he didn’t.

  • BarbT

    rtgmath, Stop issuing edicts to pro-life people and just admit you see nothing wrong with the gruesome, painful, hellish practice of dismembering a developing infant while alive. Until you face up to your own dark heart no one can take your ramblings about post-birth issues seriously.

    Consider this: BEFORE I FORMED YOU IN THE WOMB I KNEW YOU. ~ Jeremiah 1:5

  • BarbT

    FC, we Conservatives own, work in, and donate to Pregnancy Crisis Centers, support adoption counseling services, and are 100 times more likely to be in churches that help single mothers raise and nurture their children. Your only solution is to rip a precious baby into pieces as it sleeps in the womb. God vs Satan. Choose this day whom you will serve.

  • BarbT

    Your rape example is bogus.

    There was a time rape was punishable by death. A crime has been committed and the perp should be hunted down and held accountable. But those who advocate infanticide always ignore the man and instead sentence the baby to Capital Punishment. Good is called evil and evil is called good in the unhappy world of the liberal.

  • BarbT

    ***… what we want with our own bodies, AS LONG AS IT’S NOT HURTING OTHERS****

    Are you kidding??? You people celebrate 1st degree homicide of helpless babies but don’t think it hurts them??

    FC, I’m sorry for you. Your sociopathic words echo Romans 1 where God declares that many people will be “given over to a debased mind” due to their hardened hearts toward Him and other people. They’ll do what they believe is “right in their own minds” while rejecting His perfect design for our lives.

    As for “forcing beliefs” on you, why so touchy? I thought you liberals were supposed to be so “tolerant” of all points of view but for some reason it never applies to Bible truth.

  • BarbT

    You’re conflating false Christians {the Bible calls them wolves in sheeps’ clothing} with truly born-again Christians. Either you’re doing it deliberately or you’re ignorant of the difference.

    Now, let’s cut through the rhetoric and address your “tough talk”. Are you basically saying you’d have no problem assisting an abortionist as he stabs a full-term infant in the back of the neck, then crushes the skull during the commission of a “partial birth abortion”? If not, stop promoting murder as a sterile procedure you wouldn’t mind being performed on your own child {the one you allowed to live that is}.

  • BarbT

    James Warren, yes Jesus said “judge not” but it was to believers only. He was a warning against judging the salvation of another believer as God is the only judge of a person’s heart. It has nothing to do with judging situations or the behavior of others — something we all do every day to protect ourselves.

  • Fartrell Cluggins

    Ah, and there it is in your last paragraph. It’s not about babies to you, it’s about being holier than thou and making sure “liberals” are put in their place. Spare me.

    Your cartoon version of what liberalism/the left stands for is why we’re so divided. That caricature viewpoint pushed by your favorite right-wing media bubble is so completely wrong, but I fear no matter what I say to convince you otherwise will just go in one ear and out the other. But here goes…

    Just because liberals are tolerant and welcoming of others doesn’t mean we should be tolerant of those who are proudly ignorant, denying science and reality, and lying about others to make themselves feel holier than thou. As for forcing beliefs, whenever you support others who want to take away the rights of others, especially in the supposed name of god, then yes, that’s forcing your beliefs on others, instead of leaving others be and not judging them.

    And this notion that the left “celebrates” killing babies is complete and utter horse excrement, and you know it. We celebrate giving others the choice to do what they want with their own bodies, within the law. Why is that so hard to understand? For a party, and assumably a person who subscribes to the “personal responsibilities, liberties, and freedoms” dogma, you’d be better at actually practicing it.

    You see, the division in this country started with Fox News and AM rage radio, always injecting politics into everything, and making up fake wars (War on Christmas, etc), all to draw a line in the sand to viewers: either you’re with us or against us. Very Christ-like, no?

    Your reference to Romans 1 is perfect Projection: accuse others of the thing you’re already doing and don’t like about yourself. What makes you think His perfect design for me is to question authority, question everything I’ve been taught so that one day I’ll find my own truth, not some “truth” spoon fed to me by charlatans who just want my money?

    Like I said above, if Jesus were on Earth today, he’d be a progressive hippy liberal to you, with all His love thy neighbor, welcoming immigrants, helping the poor and chastising the rich. Have fun in your “liberal-hating” fake christian world.

  • Fartrell Cluggins

    As I don’t believe in either, I’ll continue trying to be the best human being I can, enacting the change in myself I want to see in the rest of the world. I also donate to a local homeless shelter.

  • Norascats

    Nobody ever woke up in the morning and said, “It’s a nice day. I think I’ll have an abortion.” Abortions are a difficult decision at best. And only anti abortionists seem to have information on the plethora of late term abortions they constantly describe. Late abortions are a serious medical matter and should only be decided by the woman and her doctor. And in the loving relationship we hope is the marriage, her husband.
    It would more sense ethically, if we educated our children in appropriate sexual behavior, where two people would agree not to start a child until they were willing to devote their lives to cooperatively raising that child. Men should bear their fair share of the burden of the care of children.
    Now I have just opened myself up to nasty comments from some very unethical men.

  • james warren

    “ To believers only’?
    Only to believers?

    Some Christians will do anything to avoid letting Jesus speak for himself. It’s an interesting tactic. Sometimes readers actually ADD to the Word by completing what is actually IN the text with their own interpretations, opinions and views.

    If we believe in the God disclosed by Jesus, we will not have to “protect yourself.” God has already won. The temple curtain has torn and now everyone has access to God. No more barriers or priestly mediators.

    “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.”

    Sometimes it takes a deep relationship with Jesus to have this comfort and to celebrate–not fear–God’s creation. To careful readers of the Bible, God pronounced the world he created as “good.” If my memory serves me well, I think he said it twice !!!

    First, look at the actual verse or passage you want to study.
    Next–and this is where the deep spiritual work comes from–find out what the words meant to the original authors or speakers.
    Finally, use your imagination and creativity to figure out ways of helping that meaning to be effective in today’s world.

    “We, without God, cannot; God without us, will not.”
    –Augustine quoted by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

  • Farelle

    Considering the number of pedophiles your church aids and abets, better children are never born than given to your rapist friends

  • Farelle

    And knew in the biblical sense is ‘raped’ guess Jeremiah didn’t want to wait….

  • Farelle

    You hand the kid over to the pedophiles before or after it is baptised? Information from inside the largest pedophile ring the world has ever seen is so rare, I know you run at 5% active kiddie fiddlers, just wanted to know how the other 95% help the elect

  • adriancrutch

    …SO WHAT IS YOUR “VIEW” ON BIRTH CONTROL???…that would be very telling…wouldn’t it???…

  • Barros Serrano

    While I will not disagree that many pro-lifers ARE such because of a concern for the unborn, let’s be real and recognize that in large part it IS the male desire to control women’s reproduction and sexuality which is in play. To pretend that rampant misogyny is not present among members of a historically VERY misogynist religion (Nicaean Trinitarian Christianity) and bearing the cultural legacy of 5000 years of patriarchal imperialism is delusional.

  • Barros Serrano

    Yet when you vote GOP, you are voting for dictators, death squads, wars based on lies, corporate hegemony, the trashing of democracy, and so on…

    Are you so sure just where we find “God” and “Satan” in this mix?

  • Barros Serrano

    As long as you speak in such drastic terms, I’ll have to ask you why you’re ok with voting for Republicans like Reagan who funded, armed and trained the death squads who tortured and killed 250,000 ALREADY BORN people in Guatemala, including some of my friends.

    Please, you have no grounds for pretending that you have the moral high ground here.

  • Barros Serrano

    The christian Right should really not preach to “liberals” about tolerance.

    Y’all are probably the least tolerant people in the U$A.