The Best Pro-Life Sign I’ve Seen

The Best Pro-Life Sign I’ve Seen January 28, 2018

One of the many things that drives me insane about the pro-choice movement is that they represent the antithesis of women’s empowerment. No woman wants to kill their baby, but the pro-choice community tells women that might be what they have to do in order live the life they want. It’s not always about want. Sometimes it’s more about need. A woman is told and feels that she can’t survive if she carries the baby — she doesn’t have the money or resources so it’s okay to make this decision.

Of course, they don’t say so in those explicit terms but the overall message is, there’s no need to feel like you can do this. And women feed into this lie, but I’m guessing many never feel at peace with it. When it comes to young women, in particular, the message that they made a mistake, are too young, will not be able to finish college or achieve their dreams with a child, is particularly strong. The idea of adoption is rarely mentioned, though it is an incredible option that will bring joy and blessing to someone else.

A message of empowerment for women — which is usually the tone we want to strike — would tell her that things can be hard but your dreams in life are still achievable. What if we told women, hey — you can do this! You don’t have to end your child’s life to achieve your dreams, you CAN be a mother and have a professional career. You can choose adoption and continue right on living your life on the pathway you were going down, but know that you gave that child a chance to live.

Last year, progressives latched on to the phrase “She persisted” after GOP Leader Mitch McConnell complained about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s objection to something, saying “Nevertheless, she persisted.” It was a gold phrase that feminists had printed on t-shirts and former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton turned into a book. Brilliant way to use McConnell’s words against him. But, it can be used for other purposes too, even those that Elizabeth Warren probably wouldn’t be too keen on, including on this sign:

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.21.32 PM

Let’s stop telling women that killing their babies is the fast track to their dream lives. Let’s send a better message, that they are strong and capable and powerful — and that their bodies are incredible enough to create and grow human beings. They can overcome the obstacles that come with an unplanned pregnancy. Let’s remind them in the end they can proud of themselves when their life story includes the line “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

And their babies, who will only be so for just a little while, will thank them for it.

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The Best Pro-Life Sign I’ve Seen
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The Best Pro-Life Sign I’ve Seen
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  • Donalbain

    So, it is a poster saying that a woman should be able to CHOOSE if she wants to have a baby or not. Well done, you are a step closer to understanding the prochoice argument,

  • OLO101

    You left out the part about the permanent damage that pregnancy causes to the woman’s body. Uterine prolapse, lack of fecal and urinary control, fissures, weakening of the pelvic floor. Postpartum depression. Not to mention stretch marks and sagging body parts. People with unplanned, unwanted children are more likely to live in poverty. Yes, it is all true about losing the ability to go to college. Losing the ability to have an established career. Those are options only available for those who were wealthy to begin with. Look to all of the websites that allow mothers to confess that they hate and regret motherhood and wouldn’t do it again if they had the choice to start over.

  • Barros Serrano

    Admirable sentiment, but the fact is that many women who are pregnant DO face incredible obstacles to success as single mothers. Childcare access is abysmal in this country. There is little governmental support, unlike the situation in the rest of the developed world.

    Compare your options if you live in France with those in the U$A. The pressure to have an abortion is far greater in the U$A.

  • Barros Serrano

    Yes, and all those problems are WORSE in the U$A thanks to Republicans who’ve prevented us from evolving a proper modern demosocialist society in which a pregnant single woman would not face all the social problems entailed by having unplanned children in the U$A.

    Much of the abortion rate in the U$A is directly the fault of the GOP.