I Love Oprah But Not For President

I Love Oprah But Not For President January 8, 2018

After Oprah’s acceptance speech for the Cecile B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes last night, cheers of “Oprah 2020” are being heard around the country. I watched and enjoyed the speech — and genuinely love Oprah as much as the next gal but putting forth another celebrity-in-chief (albeit a more likable one) is not the answer to your problems, America.

The buzz has been exacerbated by the fact that Oprah’s partner, Stedman Graham, said “It’s up to the people…she would absolutely do it.”

That doesn’t mean anything certain, of course, but the chatter is now revved, just as it is to a lesser extent for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, another favorite pick.

But part of what makes Oprah and The Rock so lovable is that they aren’t partisan political figures. They’re cultural icons that represent positivity, entertainment and escape from the mud-slinging. The moment they are slapped with a Party label and forced to speak in platitudes about policy, their likableness will disintegrate for a large portion of people.

It’s not that I don’t think they have integrity. Indeed, both seem like they do. But, it’s one more example of Americans convinced that one particular person is going to be the “savior” we’re all waiting for. Both Oprah and The Rock would do well on the Democrat ticket — and it would be easy to see either of them getting the nomination. But their celebrity personas would overshadow the importance of having grounded political experience, policy expertise and the hard-earned wisdom necessary to take on such a monumental role. (Yes, I understand the irony of that statement in light of who is currently in the White House.)

Oprah is phenomenal at what she does — a modern day philosopher whose genuine curiosity with other people’s lives is a benefit to all who have seen and heard her for so many years. I listen to “Super Soul Conversations” every week and always loved the Oprah Show. The Rock is a magnetic personality, full of positivity and wise to stay out of the negative political fray. These traits don’t necessarily translate to political leadership and no matter how much you loved these two, nominating them for President won’s solve the toughest policy battles we face or bring together the hard liners on either side of an issue.

Everyone wants a magic solution. While it’s fun to hold a sign that says “Johnson/Hanks 2020,” it’s a fantasy world and these beloved celebrities soon melt into partisan dividers committed to their own personal agendas. It’s a little terrifying what kind of power Oprah’s opinion has already on products and politics. Let’s not make her the Queen and give people an excuse to stop thinking for themselves at an even higher level.

We need people to actually think deeply about the real consequences of policy and politics, not just take a page from “Oprah’s Favorite Policies” and assume they’ll be good.


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  • Oak Tree Lady

    Who’s in the White House? He may seem like an empty “personality” to you, but he is one of the most successful, if not THE most successful businessmen of our time. He didn’t get elected to the highest office in the USA by just staring straight into a camera and being able to look sincere. His skills are real, not rhetorical. I don’t care if we like him or not, he’s doing the job he said he would do.

  • Ericka Andersen

    This post wasn’t about our President… but okay! 🙂

  • Carolyn McDowell

    Oprah for President would be a mistake. Politics is dirty, mean, and corrupt. That is not who Oprah is. I think she would hate the job. It would ruin her wonderful public image that she has now. She is not the right person for the job.

  • Terry Washington

    As much as I like(hell, LOVE) Oprah- I do NOT think that she would make a good POTUS. Much like the current incumbent, she has NO experience(even at the lowest state level) of practical party politics(or conversely much like George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S.Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, Jimmy Carter or Bush Senior) seen military service which should have imparted leadership skills. Leave it to the professionals!

  • gwendolynhbarry

    I’d love to hear what the “o she’s great at what she does and she isn’t partisan blah blah” has to say of her open campaigning for several Democratic candidates over the years, including the HUGE contribution to the Obama campaign. She’s no Republican. Or indy. And tell me, what Democratic legislator would you put up for POTUS candidate that would be so much better at the job than Oprah? I don’t think she would run for a political office…since as a matter of fact she a workaholic who has so many charities and institutions she chairs or runs. Jeepers. As to no experience… she has the intellect and the where with all to assign those to surround her who do. Which in case you’ve missed it…. is a LARGE part of the job. Again, she does have experience, she was on the board of city council for a couple of years in Chicago. She’s worked as many political campaigns as Joe Kennedy III. And, she’d have the most fabulous back up in recent history. I’m beginning to realize today that she’s the ONLY mention of a candidate I can respect, so far. But like I said, it’s probably not in the cards. I trust her more than a politician.

  • Dems have an uncanny knack of grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. Perhaps one of the worst examples of this would be to run “our celebrity” against “their celebrity.” Worse yet would be to run Joe Biden. And worse even still is the “impeach Trump” movement, which will do nothing but nationalize to 2018 elections, thus motivating thousands of Repub/Conservative voters to come out to vote who will otherwise stay home. (If there is to be an Impeach Trump movement, it has to be led 100% from start to finish by Repubs themselves.) Dems need a candidate for 2018 who is YOUNG and clearly PROGRESSIVE. There are so many really good people fitting this description, why in the world are we kicking around ideas about aging Baby Boomers again? (BTW, I am an aging BB myself…)

  • Otherworld

    Oprah is a racist. She said in a recent interview that she was waiting for ‘old white people to die’ (because they are racists). She should fit well into politics so long as her health isn’t a problem as she can hold a good debate and seems to be part of the whole ‘divide and rule’ agenda as well as being part of the msm establishment and elites. She was good friends with Harvey Weinstein and has been photographed with her tongue in his ear and being very cosy with him. Obviously she wasn’t aware that he was such a cad. The level of hypocrisy she has is possibly on a par with Hillary Clinton pretending to be good while being a crook. She will do well as everyone seems to be taken in by her.

  • billwald

    If only Oprah was a lesbian we could elect her as POTUS, have 4 miserable years but hopefully three protected “minority” classes would be eliminated from consideration.

  • Honest First

    I heard OW’s comment about racism ending ‘when white people’ (who are racist) die (off).
    She is wrong.
    I believe she is racist. Does good deeds with her billions – but always feel it is painful for her to talk to/with white people – in the news! on shows, interviews……Ignore the newest chatter. Americans are and have been obsessed with pop culture people.
    A good number of our children aren’t able to name the Presidents of our nation. Yet – thanks to pop culture venues – particularly with online access- our children -our future – will name OW’s boyfriend, girlfriend bff, along with the names of entertainers, rappers, tv’s so-called reality show hosts………
    Believing we are better than pop culture chatter and activity.
    Honest First

  • disqus_KZV54l7H97

    Lizzy & Oprah… And Bernie in there somewhere.

  • Anthony Martinez

    I cannot believe this. What is the citizenry of this country thinking? The reason we have President Trump is because the Democrat candidate was unacceptable, except for California and New York State. Run somebody who is qualified and not a criminal. This is so absolutely insane I’m embarrassed even commenting on it.

  • disqus_KZV54l7H97

    Oh yeah. Real chriiisty, I beleezes. 8 ^

  • Lynn

    Congress makes the laws. Oprah would do better campaigning for Congress people she believes in. Her influence would go a lot further.

  • Lynn

    Not True. You know this.

  • Jennifer McGinnis

    I so much agree. This is the first thing I thought of when hearing all that chatter. I love Oprah. I’m a strong Democrat. The Obamas are like gods in my house. (not literally, but I suppose I could do worse). But the fact is, though the word “politician” has become like a dirty word, government is politics, and we need politicians to run the government. Entertainers entertain, and do good in the world with the influence they have won. But not run things. See how well that’s turning out? Not so much. So Oprah, love to hear her views, love to hear her opinions and thoughts, but don’t want her running the country any more than this guy. An actual politician, who knows how government works, needs to be president. That being said, if it were only a choice between Trump and Oprah, would choose Oprah because of her willingness to admit what she doesn’t know and learn. I have a feeling that humility has a lot to do with a good or bad president. I think it shocks the hell out of every new president what all there is to know, and they gotta be willing to learn, take advice, think critically, etc. But still, no. (Warren 2020)