Partnerships with My Other Deities, How to Have Real Conversations, and More

Partnerships with My Other Deities, How to Have Real Conversations, and More June 21, 2023

Yesterday we covered The Morrigan  and what that journey has been like for me, and today we move to part 3 of this introduction series – My other Deities, as well as, personal perspectives and experiences building partnerships with Them.

Some Deities Come and Go

I have experienced Deities coming and going in two ways.

The first being, just coming in to show me something or point me in a certain direction. We get tunnel vision sometimes. So focused on what is in front of us, and the voices of what others say is connected to Them, that we may miss a needed piece to our puzzle. I think this is why this kind of contact happens. For example, Manannan Mac Lir came in to show me the Crane aspects and a piece of magic with it. Flidais came in to give me a challenge and then a name. Hekate was about understanding the ways of the crossroad. Apollo showed me sacrifice in a different perspective. The Cailleach taught me to embrace my Crone side, wisdom in the land through age and changing perspectives. All of them needed pieces to the puzzle but not ones that I needed for my path.

The second kind are ones who come and go and come again. The Norse Goddess Hel, and the Norse God Kari, along with their counterparts (I’ll get to that), are these kind of Deity for me. They will come and work with me for a time – I think They are staying for good – then They disappear only to show up again months or years later. I believe this happens because there are things I need to learn and master before I can continue on with our particular work.

Mystical Waterfall
Mystical Waterfall – by Esa

Each Deity has Their Own Work

Just as each Deity has Their own Domains on a world scale – They have their own Domains within our spiritual journey and practices. This has been my experience at least.

For me this currently looks like:

The Morrigan works in foundations and transformations.

Hel is mainly in Seidr and the Spirit Walking and Spirit Magic of it. She doesn’t care about the physical world or body in my experience, just the souls/ energy. She has taught me about The Web, The Well, and aspects of manipulating energy to achieve desired effects, just to name a few examples.

Kari is focused on the Voice Bringing thoughts, emotions, and actions into harmony to create in the physical world. How to use my Voice, in all it’s forms (written, spoken, and unspoken) to serve my foundations, my magic, and my path in this life. Unlike the Morrigan and Hel – Kari is all about the physical world, the societies/ people. The work with Him is very outward. How I carry myself through this world and the life I craft. His magic lays heavily in Runic magic, including Bind and Galdr.

Together Hel and Kari are my primary guides in Seidr/ Spirit Walking. The Runic magic Kari teaches me, adds some incredible layers to that work. He also creates the Song in Seidr and teaches me how to sing them. Hel, teaches me how to walk between the worlds, helps me connect to the dead, and learn how the Web and Well work and can be manipulated to certain points. All of this, built upon the foundations, and going deeper into skills The Morrigan has taught me. The rules for myself that also dictate the rules of my magic. I hope this helps give a little visual of what those partnerships look like working together.

Partnership is Key

From my perspective, Deity are Guides. They hold certain lessons and work for us, to help us along our own journey through this life. These lessons, how we experience the Deity, the work put before us, is all personal to us. It has to be, or otherwise why would They bother taking an interest at all? In my experience, Their interest and involvement in our lives is all about us. They take joy in our personal growth. All this personal work seeps into our physical lives and touches others.

The work They ask in return, that is beyond ourselves, is also personal. Most of what my Deities ask of me on a community level is just to share. Share my experiences, the lessons They have taken me through, the stories and messages They have shared with me. To help others that want to build Their own personal connections. Be a Voice/ Guide but always do it in a way that the person is not following mine, they are building their own path.

If I need something on a personal level, such as resources or new skills to do what my Deities ask of me, I have no problem asking for it. The relationship I build with my Deities is one of Partnership, not bow-down-worship. This does not mean I do not honor Them and hold deep respect for Them. I know, They know, way more than I do and are much larger then me – but I also know They are a part of me, connected to me. Their interest is my growth, my exchange is doing the work to the best of my ability and asking for help when needed. I hold deep respect for my Deities and the things They tell me to hold sacred. I am always grateful and show gratitude for Them walking this road with me and showing me all that They do.

Partnership is about exchange between two people/ entities. I know there is always an exchange of some sort – not always even all the time – but even throughout the time. One example is: Every Blessing also has a Curse – some “good” and some “bad” because they are a Duality – and you have to accept both to accept either. If we want something we also have to give something in exchange.

Seasons of the Witch tarot cards
Seasons of the Witch Oracle Decks – Samhain and Beltane

Exchange leads to Offerings/ Honoring

I have never resonated with leaving out food and drinks (except water to my servitor spirits) out on altars to rot. I get the premise of it, and if it works for others, great, it’s just not how I work. In my mind it doesn’t really serve my Deities, it goes against my ancestors frugal senses, and it’s not what my Guides ask for. No, They want acts of service, my time, my attention, doing the work They put before me. My offerings are ones of action and time – that serve the actions my Deities want to see manifest in this world.

There is no one way to give offerings or honoring our Deities. Some may find, in their relationship with a Deity, that Deity asks for something specific from them. Something that is not universal or for everyone to do, but something particular to you and your path. So if you are just starting out, experiment. Find what works for both you and the Deity you are connecting to.

Deity Calling You – You Calling Deity

Most of my Deity came to me, but there were a couple that I initiated the contact. I have never had one reject me, but that doesn’t mean They have anything for me either. I get some cool stories, but no work to be had there.

I have seen where others start getting signs and immediately go looking for the Deity it may be connected to. This is fine as long as your are listening to your instincts – following what catches you with a feeling, and not being swayed by other’s perspectives. Many Gods have similar symbolism. For me, when a name shows up and I get this jolt of emotion, I know there is something there, so I start there. It may not be where I end up, but They lead me along.

“What you call Divine does not matter – only the connection” The Morrigan’s words ringing true. Sometimes it may be awhile before you have a “name” – if They are reaching out though – Reach back. You will eventually find the name, just start the connection – listen to them, start conversations with them.

My personal reading – Esa

Listening to Deities and Conversations with Them

Your particular skills and level of development along your path will dictate your mode to do this work. I use Tarot/ Oracle, Runes/ Ogham, trance, spirit walking, and just talking to Them. When I started, I started with tarot. Using it is a tool for having conversations through. Talking out loud to Them and then drawing cards to hear back from Them. Progressing into hearing Their stories through the cards, while I also hear Their voice tell me the story. As my skills progressed so did my means of communication.

If you are just starting out, I suggest getting a tarot deck with a Guide book. Pick one with art and themes that call to you or you feel connected to. Do not memorize the cards – just start using them along with the guide book that came with it. Start talking to Them and asking questions. Keep a detailed journal of all your readings so you can go back and reflect upon them. Sometimes they give us information that doesn’t make complete sense until later.

Each card of tarot has a core energy and a lot of different perspectives attached to it. If you are not good at feeling/ picking out the right pieces your Deity is trying to convey with the card, use stitchomancy. Run your finger slowly over the page in the guide book for that card. With your eyes closed, wait for a feeling to jolt you. This can be a tingling in your finger or like a pop of energy/ emotion. Stop moving your finger, open your eyes, and write down the group of words or sentence you land on. At the end of the reading – look at it all together to see the story They created for you.

Stitchomancy and tarot can also be just as useful and fun for seasoned readers.

Some decks I have really enjoyed for this work; The Dreams of GaiaRunic tarot  – The Hidden Realms. All of these have in-depth guide books that work really well with stitchomancy.

Listening to Others

I love listening to others experiences and personal perspectives on Deities. I can see some similarities as well as the differences for myself personally. It helps me see the core energy of each that overlaps for all of us. Other people give me ideas and inspirations to experiment with or explore deeper. They give me different perspectives to consider within my own practices and path. That doesn’t mean they will change mine, but knowledge is power.

No matter whether we are talking about books, YouTubers/ influencers, those that teach classes, or whatever mode you are looking at (including me on here), all of these things are being presented from the perspective of that person – their experiences – their understandings and discoveries that worked for them. There is good information there, pieces to our own puzzles that we need, but we can not let those people override our own. Our personal experiences, our bond with Deities should always be what we listen to and follow. It is what is true for us, and specific for us. Let the others challenge us, make us dig deeper, to gain a bigger picture – but do not let them dictate your own bond.

Deity who are Connected to Others

There are some Deities that have deep connection to others. Due to this connection, They also blend together – still Their own pattern but also overlapping each other. Kari and Hel are like this for me.

Kari and His Brothers. Each one representing elements that act upon and shape the physical world – Air, Water, and Fire. In my experience all three are more interested in the physical world/ our outer self. Their lessons and Their work, when put all together, gives you all the various pieces needed. Air gives you the thought, harmonizing, and vibration aspects. Water gives you the emotion and wisdom to power the thought/ vibration. Fire spreads it out into the world. This is just one example of how the three work together. Kari is who I work with and work through, but the brothers are there.

Hel has deep ties to Fenrir (wolf) and Jormungandr (snake). Their aspects work together with Hers. They are keys to Her and Her work with souls. Giving deeper understandings and pieces to the work of Seidr. Hel is who I work with, who I have deep bonds to, but the wolf and snake have places within that. Three working together as one.

Our personal bonds and path will dictate how this works for you personally. How you work with Them and perceive Them.

Coming up!

Next we will finish the Guides section with Ancestors. The Ancestors I work with, their roles in my practices, and the magic I do with them.

Then we will finish out the week digging into my magical practices. What they look like, what has influenced my magic, how I develop spells and rituals, and what I do with all of that. Also my perspective between beginner, intermediate, and advanced practices.

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I am an avid explorer and believe experimentation is the key to growth. Science and Magic are not competitors, they work together to help us understand and alter the world. Magic and Spirituality is personal – the bonds we build, the skills we hone, how we practice, all of this being developed along our journey. The rules and limitations are those of you and nature, not another person.” - Author, Oracle/ Tarot Reader, Liminal Walker, and Spiritual Guide for those wanting to build their own path and connections You can read more about the author here.

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