Runes – Bind, Galdr, and a Journey

Runes – Bind, Galdr, and a Journey June 27, 2023

What you will find below is an Excerpt from the book Kari, Norse God of Voice and His Seidkona that will be released July 2023. There is also a booklet on my website right now, where you can get the full chapter  – and I’ll share that at the end.

This Chapter/ Booklet goes over the Runes, how to Bind and Galdr them, and how I do that work with Kari – to create Runic magic. Included, is a step-by-step, walk-through guide for doing your own personal Rune Journey – Gaining deeper knowledge of the Runes, your path with them, and creating a personal sacred text to guide you through your own lessons and growth. Along with a full copy of my own journey and what that looks like.

Runes – Bind – Galdr

We are going to be looking at Runes, Bind, and Galdr from a magical perspective here. There are many resources out there if you are looking for historical or linguistical context, but it will not be here.

First I suppose we should have a brief summary of what each is and their purpose in practice.

Runes in Magic

Runes are the singular version or starting point. Each holding their own energy, vibration, and story. Depending on where you look and who is telling you the story, you will find different perspectives on what each Rune means. This is because there is no definitive source that was written during the time of their use for magical practice. Everything we have comes from the interpretations, educated guesses, and personal experiences/perspectives of the person giving you the information. Some are old sources, passed down over and over again by different people, but it is important to remember that all of them were after the time of their use in the per-christian era and a reconstruction based on that person’s understandings.

Each Rune could be used on its own to elicit or attract the core energy of that rune to produce a specific effect. For example – the Rune Fehu could be used in order to attract wealth and prosperity. A person could carve it on an item, make a talisman for it, write it on their skin, or various other modes of magic to infuse it for a desired outcome.

With a singular Rune, you will get a broad effect. For example, prosperity can be looked at and experienced in many ways. If you are needing prosperity specifically in the sense of a good harvest, and just use Fehu, there is no guarantee that your prosperity will be for your harvest – it could come in many different forms. If you are just looking for prosperity in general within your life, than using just the one Rune, may be useful to you.

Later in this chapter I will discuss my process of discovery through each Rune, how I came to my conclusions, and share the stories, energy, and vibration of each one.

Kari’s Symbol

Bind Runes

Bind Runes are exactly as they sound. It is the act of combining two or more Runes together in written format. Weaving or blending the energies of the separate Runes together to craft a more in-depth, result. By combining Runes you are able to get a more specific outcome, instead of a generalized one you get with just one Rune. You can also create specific magic through the blending process of combining Runes – blending in order to create something new entirely.

This is considered more intermediate magic because it not only requires an understanding of each Rune, but how to layer the magic of each together to achieve the correct result. Layering magic is one of the indicators between what is considered beginner and intermediate magic.

You will see many Bind Runes online and in books. Again, the Rune system and correspondences associated with them determine what that Bind means to them. There are some that have become common place and have agreed upon meanings by groups of people, but that is still subjective from a magical point of view. Just because many people see it the same way does not mean that the energies within it align to that meaning.

You also have the issue of other people stacking energies into that Bind Rune over time that do not align with its original intention. This is a problem with any publicly used symbolism. Over time people can start to alter and shift the energies in it by layering other meanings onto it that do not align with the purpose/ energy it was created with. In essence, the Bind Rune gets corrupted to a point and depending on how much “other” gets infused, it can create some chaotic energies within it and give some unexpected results. I do not think that they intentionally do this, but is what happens over time. We see this happen in language with words. Different generations start to shift the meaning of words through slang uses and language evolution. I just feel it is something to be acutely aware of if you use someone else’s symbolism in your magical crafting.

You will need to make your own choices here on what you choose to use. I personally do not use any Bind that I do not create. Creating Bind Runes is a delicate art. Weaving or blending energies together can be complex work and many aspects need to be considered. Then they need to be tested, and adjustments made as needed. It’s part energy and part order – the order and way you combine those energies can also change the result.

Since Bind Runes are a written form of magic they can be used in various ways. Creating magical talismans that can be worn or placed in specific places to do the job you have set for it. For example, putting one in your car to protect it and all the property within it (including the people). You can use them for wards and to bring in specific energies. By placing one as a ward on your front door frame to keep out negative energy and another to fill the people who walk through it with peace or joy. You can also draw them directly on your body for times when you need to boost certain attributes such as strength, luck, or courage.


Galdr is the Voice aspect of Runic magic. The act of singing or chanting the magic of the Runes into the world. The work you have done in Runes and Bind Runes all come together in Galdr.

In my experience, learning to Bind the Runes together, and the order in which to do that, gives you the structure of your Galdr. The purpose will be dependent on the Bind itself and order you place them in. The rhythm and tone will determine the vibration that is released through that process.

It seems easy enough, but there is an art to it like all magic. It is not just singing the Runes, it’s knowing which syllables and sounds to draw out, where inflections and fluctuations need to go, and so forth. It is basically writing a complex piece of music – because you are.

There is a lot of trial and error involved in their creation. I have found I will continue to tweak and adjust pieces until I finally find the perfect effect I am going for. It takes patience and dedication. It is not fast magic in the sense of its creation but it is incredibly powerful magic. Once completed it can be used any time, anywhere it is needed, without tools or other components. Because of this it is important to be sure of the effect you are intending and aware of the ripple effects it could create.

Allure of Wealth and Emotional Stability Bind Rune

Runes are Your Sword

The magic within the Runes and what we do with them is a weapon. Kari is very clear on this. As with all weapons, there is a responsibility that must be accepted in order to wield them.

We must hold strong foundations. This includes what ethics and morals we hold, boundaries we have set to protect ourselves and to protect others – including protecting them from us and the negative side of our Ego. Knowing when we need to stand up and fight, and when we need to be silent and just walk away. How we judge ourselves and others. What that really means and how we use that Judgment in a sense of Justice. What true Justice is – the meanings and goals behind Justice and our actions within that. Through all of that work, it ensures we wield our weapon in an honorable and honest way.

The magic within the Runes has the power to shape, alter, create, and destroy. I do not take these things lightly and neither do my Guides. They are all parts of life and things that must happen, but how they happen and when are important. The mindset, goal, and which part of ego is at the forefront for each working is important.

At the end of the day, each person will make their own choices of how they use this information. They will choose for themselves how they use that sword – to protect or to dominate, and there is nothing you or I can say or do about it. Just know, for every action there is a repercussion. What that repercussion will be is up to how you wield your weapon.

Your Own Rune Journey

At the end of this I will share the stories and energies given to me by my own Guides about each Rune. How they laid out a blueprint for my own path and destiny I am shaping for myself in this life. In the end, not only did They give me the tools of the magic hidden within the runes, They also gave me my own sacred text. That is how I use the stories within them and the lessons each one holds. A sacred text for me to go deeper into, to learn more from, and to embody within my life. Because of this, I encourage everyone to do their own Rune journey with Kari as your Guide. Let Him tell you the stories of each Rune and show you your own sacred path.

Note: You could also chose the Goddess Hel as your guide through this, especially if you already have a connection to Her. In my experience both Kari and Hel work well together in the aspect of Runes and hold similar views. I specifically state Kari here, since that is who you are learning about in this book and He will be the guide for Binding and Galdring the Runes – One of His Domains.

This will not look like any of the other Rune Journeys you may have seen. You are not researching and learning what others have said about them. You can do that later if you wish to see how the core energies of them align, but this journey is about you, and Kari’s stories of them for you. My first Rune journey consisted of all the research aspects – this Rune journey though showed me the power of them…

One of my Binds along with the pronunciations for Galdr

Going Further

If you are interested in going further with this you can get the Rune Booklet here or wait till Kari’s book is released in July. I tried to give a comprehensive look at the Runes, Bind, and Galdr within the space of this article. As it is an article, there are limits though.

Within the booklet it goes into the step-by-step instructions of how to complete this type of Rune journey along with more depth in creating Bind Runes and how to accomplish Galdr (spoken magic) with them. I also shared my own Rune Journey to show what it looked like, how it came together, and how I use it as a sacred text for myself through my journey in this life.

No matter what you choose to do, read on or explore on your own, remember that your path, your magic, is the most powerful for you. Do not be afraid to walk into the unknow, to try something new, and to fail – because we never fail as long as we do not give up, we are just learning through trial and error. Gather your courage and shape your own destiny!

I am an avid explorer and believe experimentation is the key to growth. Science and Magic are not competitors, they work together to help us understand and alter the world. Magic and Spirituality is personal – the bonds we build, the skills we hone, how we practice, all of this being developed along our journey. The rules and limitations are those of you and nature, not another person. - Author, Oracle/ Tarot Reader, Liminal Walker, and Spiritual Guide for those wanting to build their own path and connections You can read more about the author here.

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