Three Days of Turning and It Starts Today

Three Days of Turning and It Starts Today June 30, 2023

The next three days, starting this afternoon and going until July 3rd is a time of turning, renewal, a reinvention of self. Looking for change? Starting a new project? Need to let go in order to move on? This is your time!

The stars are enhancing the power of certain planetary energies. Boosting them and bridging the inner self and the outer world. A transformation that starts within and shapes the world around you.

Where the Stars are Today


Sun and Mercury

Starting today, the Sun and Mercury are seated together in Duality (Gemini). Duality of thought and Voice – manifesting our desire into the physical world -to create transformations on this plane. You can use this energy to either shift your own mindset, or the mindset of others, to create change within your life. It is time for something new, something different, perhaps even a turning that takes you in a completely new direction.

Mercury is connected to thought and Voice. All of our intentions, desires, and needs start within the mind. A combination of thought and emotion – emotion to fuel the power of the thought – the thought to harness and direct the emotion (a duality between).

The Sun is the fire within us. The power to act and energy to fuel that action.


Venus and Mars

Today, Venus and Mars sit side by side at the mouth of the Lion. Venus is your partnerships, the bonds you create, and the love you hold for them. Mars is of action – physical action, Primal instincts and intuition. Let your courage take them in – giving you the strength and the intellect to take the next step.


The Moon and The Well

The Milky-way that splits the sky and also splits the cycles. A movement from what was to what will be, based on judgment of the self and choices made from it. The Well is a place of the frozen. A moment of reflection and the thought before you act. It is the place of Death on one side – and Creation on the other.

Today the Moon sits at the claw of the Scorpion – the entrance of The Well, and will move through The Well from now until July 3rd -the Full Moon.

On the Full Moon July 3rd

What to Do With That

This is the perfect alignment for a complete transformation or change. An End and a Beginning both within yourself but for an outside gain.

Using the power of the inner Voice, which is being enhanced by the power of the Sun itself to create outward changes. Have you been talking badly to yourself? Have you been doubting yourself? Have you felt lost in some way? All of that is shown to others through your physical voice and actions no matter how hard you try to hide it. This is the perfect time to shift the inner Voice and allow it to flow outward, what you are projecting to others. It is time to let go of the negative self talk – negative thinking and reinvent yourself in their eyes.

Perhaps though, it isn’t a negative Voice inside…

Have you been thinking about starting something new? Something that will enhance you life, spiritualism, or practices? Maybe there has been a path lingering in your mind that you have been hesitant on. Again, this alignment is the perfect timing. Clear out space for it – attune your mindset and inner Voice to it – and prepare yourself to step into it.

Be sure that whatever it is you are doing aligns with the bonds you have created and your authentic self – where you want those to be or to go. Perhaps a leap of faith in needed here. The courage you are seeking is within you and enhanced by the Lion in front of you. Listen to your instincts and shift your inner voice accordingly – this will shift the world around you.

From now until the Full Moon you are at an end and a new beginning. Three days to let go, clear out, make room, and prepare for what you create next – For the start of the Creation, the release of it into the physical world begins at the Full Moon. This moon is passing through The Well right before it becomes full. It is not just the cycle of the moon, but a cycle of time. Two transformations in one – both of the inner self and the outer self. The Well is enhancing that energy is this Moon.

Practices to Consider

Sun and Moon Water

For me the Moon is representative of the inner self and inner transformation. The Sun is for outer self and outer transformations. With this in mind I will be collecting three different waters during this time.

The First is Sun water. I will let it sit in the afternoon sun, soaking in the power to create changes in the physical world and my life. The Second is Moon water. For the inner and spirit work I am doing.

I can use these in spell work or magical waters/oils such as Kari’s anointing oil. The majority though I will put into into what I am drinking (such as my morning tea) to take that power within myself over the course of the next few weeks. Boosting myself and work with that energy.

I will also be collecting a special water that will sit out for the next three days and nights until the Full Moon. I am going to freeze half of it for a ritual of Fire and Ice on the Full Moon– which I will share later this weekend with you – and half I will be taking into myself during the ritual.

Candle Spell

There are two ways I’d do this – preferably a 3-4 days candle that could burn the entire time – but that isn’t always possible, so a candle you infuse with all this energy and your intentions of using it over the next three days would also work really well.

Is it a financial or work related transformation that needs to happen? Is it a bond to a person or Guide that you want to enhance or start? Taking a chance and creating or working with something completely new for a specific purpose or goal? – Know where you are right now, what needs to change, and shape what it looks like after the change.

An example of a candle working: Create and infuse the candle over the next three days. Pour that energy and intention into it. Hold it in your hands and speak out loud what you need, what you are willing to give in exchange, and what your life looks like if the desire is fulfilled. Imagine it in your head and use your voice to speak it out-loud. You can also carve or write sigils/ rune/ symbols on it each day along with the above. I would anoint it the morning of the full moon with the combination sun and moon water that has been in both for the last three days, then burn the candle that night.

Spirit Walkers

Are you a spirit walker like myself or this is a skill you want to develop? Crossing The Well is the perfect time to get started or venture someplace new for those who are experienced.

The Moon crosses The Well every month creating a liminal space of time that makes crossing into the planes of spirit easier (especially if you are just starting out). Because the moon, a representation of intuition and spirit, is the one crossing The Well, it is creating an open Bridge between the worlds. This works both ways – it is more open to us and to the spirits.

It is not that we do not have other liminal times, even on a daily scale, but this particular time is special imo. During this time it takes less energy and skill to accomplish these tasks. The Bridge it creates at this time can enhance communication and interaction of both sides. It’s a great time to communicate with our Dead, Deities/ Guides, our higher selves, and spirits of land. It is also a good time to walk in their worlds.

darkgodess and ravens, abstract, in a jar
The Morrigan’s Jar – by Esa

Ending Thoughts

There are so many options and ways to use this energy over the next three days. It really depends on where you are right now and where you want to go next.

The energy right now is both spiritual and physical. It is transformation within both sides of ourselves – from the inside to the outside.

What will you do with it?

I am an avid explorer and believe experimentation is the key to growth. Science and Magic are not competitors, they work together to help us understand and alter the world. Magic and Spirituality is personal – the bonds we build, the skills we hone, how we practice, all of this being developed along our journey. The rules and limitations are those of you and nature, not another person. - Author, Oracle/ Tarot Reader, Liminal Walker, and Spiritual Guide for those wanting to build their own path and connections You can read more about the author here.

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