The Coming Solar Eclipse – Energy and Magic

The Coming Solar Eclipse – Energy and Magic March 30, 2024

Everyone has their own stance on Eclipse magic. Some will avoid it or be fearful of it – then there are others like myself who thrive in it. I personally think this has more to do with how an individual views and moves through change. If you are a person who has a difficult time with change, who fights it, who is scared of the unknown, then the energy of a solar eclipse is probably hard for you.

For those who thrive in the acts of transformation, who walks with one foot inside the physical and spirit worlds, who embraces the unknown with curiosity and confidence, then solar eclipse magic probably feels like home – at least it does for me. As a Death worker, the center of my magic is transformation. The act of destruction for the purpose of something new to grow. The movement of death and rebirth in all its forms.

So today I wanted to share the energies around the upcoming eclipse on April 8th according to my traditions and some thoughts on transformative magic.

The Energies of the Eclipse

The Tower and The Thinker

The Beginning Energies of the eclipse lays in The Tower and the Thinker. The planet of Transformation is sitting in the energy of structures and foundations. This means breaking down and tearing apart certain structures, boundaries, and foundational pieces that are holding you back from growth. It is a destruction for purpose. The two planets that are positioned in constellation of the Thinker during the eclipse also carry the core energy of Structures, Primal energy, and Action.

Think carefully and move with purpose. What are you carrying that is holding you back? What structures served a purpose once but are now keeping you held in place? Are you happy and advancing in your magical/ spiritual practice, or does it feels stuck or stale? Then the biggest question: Where do you want to be, and what is standing in your way?

Every beginning starts from a destruction/ deconstruction.

The Illusionist

The Second cluster of energies and the Core energies of this particular Eclipse, lays within The Illusionist. It is the constellation energy of the senses – physical and psychic. It is about what we personally experience – not knowledge or learner that comes from others. It is an energy that shifts the senses, either creating illusions or shattering them – and imo, both.

The Sun and Moon, the alignment of the Duality, of light and dark – the seen and unseen, sit within the Illusionist. A time of the senses and a shift/ transformation in the senses.

Mercury and Venus also sit within the Illusionist during the eclipse. This brings in aspects of the mind, thought, voice, and the energy released in our words. Our partnerships, bonds, and the internal processes of our emotions. The senses are what feeds the process of emotion and thought. What we fell and think is directly linked to all the information gathered by our senses, both physical senses and psychic senses.

Lastly, Neptune – the Planet of Illusion – joins the others within the Illusionist. Two very strong Illusionary energies combined with the energy of the mind and heart is making for a very powerful alignment within this particular solar eclipse. It is the driving core energy of this eclipse – the “how” or action of it – the guide of how to move within it. Neptune tells us to trust in our senses, our intuition, what we personally experience. It holds both Hope/ possibilities and Magic at its core.

The Ruler

The Ruler is the ending energies of this eclipse. It is the energy that signifies the culmination of the work. In the beginning we deconstructed. In the middle we shifted perspective/ perceptions, creating shifts in our world. In the end is what we become from the process – The Ruler.

The Ruler contains Jupiter, Uranus, and then a very special visitor we will get to.

If a planet could represent the Veil, it is Jupiter. It sits between the faster moving inner planets – those of the micro actions/ physical world/ fast moving energies, and the outer planets – the macro energies at play, the ones that mark ages/ long time. It is the Ba lancer energy between the two sides – between the seen and unseen.

Uranus is similar to the Illusionist as it deals in changes of perspective, but going deeper. It deals in deep fundamental changes brought about by those changes in perspective. This energy breaks the old perceptions in order to replace them with new.

As I said, we also have a very interesting visitor that is joining this energy of the Ruler – The Devils Comet or the Mother of Dragons comet, depending on where you look – 12P-Pons-Brooks comet. It only comes around every 71 years, so the alignment here within all the other energies is quite special. The most interesting aspect of this comet for me comes from a recent picture of it captured by Jan Erik Vallestad

devils comet that looks like a spiral


The escaping gases and spin of the comet has created this deep spiral appearance. The spiral has deep meaning for me and many others. It is associated with many things, but the core energy for me is the process of transformation and transmutation. The journey inward and then outward – The master cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth.

Putting It All Together

Every eclipse holds the energy of death and rebirth – transformation. It is why I feel it is the most potent energy for massive trans formative work. All of the energies aligned with this particular eclipse though is fascinating. The is a clear and distinct path within them, a road map if you will, and it is a movement of both the self but also the physical world as a whole. What we choose to do with that energy, where we direct it, will determine the outcome.

It starts with the movement of destruction for purpose. Breaking the old that is holding us back. Then it moves into a space of creation – Shifting, changing, altering perceptions within the mind and the heart, thought and emotions. The place where the reality we experience is created. That governs how we move in this world, the bonds we create, and the path we choose to walk. Then in the end, we are emerging the Ruler – of ourselves and of the world we are creating and experiencing as an individual. In the Mastery and transformation of ourselves, both inner and outer – physically and spiritually – we gain the power to transform our reality.

This eclipse holds all the energies, in all the right places, to become the Phoenix. To burn away all the illusions, all that holds you back, all that restricts you, and for the most powerful and aligned version of yourself to emerge. It is a time to deeply align and enhance your psychic senses to work in conjunction with your physical ones to experience the full world around you – seen and unseen.

The Caution

Think deeply about how you want to use this energy. Look at your plan from as many angles as you can to see all the possible roads it could take and when designing your intention. This will help you ensure your intention is extremely clear and focused – taking the road you want and not detouring down a side path.

Destruction is for Purpose. This energy alignment has a purpose for all the upfront destruction – when we transform anything, it always starts with a destruction, but the destruction is just a necessary aspect to achieve a specific purpose. It is Death for Rebirth.

Eclipse Water

As a magical practitioner who deals a lot in water and fire magic. I personally am going to be collecting a lot of water and charging it during the eclipse. We live in the path of totality, and it will be a long time before I get this chance again.

The core of my magical practice and work is directly aligned to all the energies presenting here. I work with Death and Spirits. I work with the soul of the living. I walk with on foot in both the world of the known and unseen. I am the Tower for Purpose. I am one who stands witness. I am one who calls them in and guides them home. Transformation is at the core of everything for me.

No matter what your path is though, having this kind of infused water on hand can be extremely useful.

Perhaps you need more time to come up with your plan? When you have it you could create a spell/ ritual/ working and use the water within it – harnessing those energies of this particular alignment. You can freeze it if you want to ingest it. You could also ignite with the energy of fire (movement) by filling a bowl with the eclipse water and a floating candle within it – Giving you the power and action of quick fire, blending with deep and long flow of the water.

You don’t have to be in the path of totality either. You won’t get the full alignment of the sun/ moon aspects but with this particular lineup it is more a catalyst marking the time and you could set something with your water during the time of the eclipse to represent the combination. All the other energies, constellations and planets, is something we all experience no matter where we are on earth.

No Fear

Do not be afraid of Eclipse Magic. Change is necessary in order to move forward, to grow. The Tower is harsh, but the expansion that comes after it is amazing. We experience tiny deaths and rebirths all the time, throughout our lives, and the more we fight them the longer they take – I say embrace them. Feel what you need to feel and then move forward into the next phase of your life.

Eclipse magic is intense, but so is any deep change.

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