11 Magical Seals of Ushar – Solar Magic

11 Magical Seals of Ushar – Solar Magic June 16, 2024

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Creating a Seal

Magical Seals are most commonly associated with Spirit work/ communication, but they can also be powerful self contained spells. Meaning that they already contain all the magical energies and core intentions woven into them, all you have to do is draw, charge, and add your specific intention on-top.

They can be used to create permanent spells by incorporating them into something, such as carving or sewing them into an item. You can add them to other magical workings, like jars or pouches, standing as the base of the magic and then layering specific components for your personal intention. I find them to be very versatile and can be used in many ways, but the Seal in itself is really all you need, especially with Ushar’s Seals.

Ushar’s Seals

Each of the Seals below are specifically designed for physical world magic. This means magic that is directed at the physical/ material world, the physical body, and the living aspects of life. So when it says Money and Wealth – this is directed at economic/ monetary gains. When using the protection seal, it is specifically protecting the physical body, property, or other physical object. This part is important to point out since everything can be seen from a spiritual/ soul or physical/ body standpoint. The more clear we are as to what kind of abundance, love, protection, or healing that is desired, the more precise the outcome is.

Each of the Seals has been created and set specifically with the energies needed for each action. All you need to do is redraw them and activate them.

Activating the Seals

Each of Ushar’s Seals require a solar and voice activation.

For Solar activation: You can choose a specific sun time, such as dawn or sunset, that matches the flow of energy you are wanting. Sunrise/ early morning for starting or bringing in. Late afternoon to grow something. Noon for full power. Evening to go deeper or start moving away from. Sunset for an ending or the culmination of a transformation. Or you can use the entire sun cycle of the day, from sunrise to sunset to infuse the full cycle energy.

Go with how you see and use these times though. You may not use the sunset energy the way I do – it is important that you are staying true to your beliefs and what gives real results for you. You are drawing it, you are charging it, so that sun charge needs to match you to give the strongest results.

The second is a voice activation. Under each seal is a chant that activates and brings the seal to life. Hold the seal, or item the seal is on, in your hands, or have your right palm over the seal touching it. Visualize your outcome, say it loud, or write it in the most outer circle of the seal. Align your emotions to your intention – music can help if you have a hard time with this part, just make sure the sound evokes the right emotion in you. Once the emotion is there, say/ chant the set of words three times.

At this point you are done and the seal is set and spell is cast. As I said, you can combine it with other workings if you want but it is not needed.

Re-Charging Seals

As all long term spells, Seals need to be charged every so often. I suggest re-charging once a week to start with, and then after a month or so you can go to monthly or quarterly. Recharging with the sun is all you need to do, but you can also add the voice aspect, especially if you are going longer than a month.

Money and Wealth

This seal is great to add to your living money bowls, money altars, or just on its own. Seals are made to be long term spells, so be sure to align your intention in that way.

Money Seal


This seal is great for physical protection and property protection. You have kids and want to put some added protection around them when they are at school – place it in their backpack somewhere hidden. You going on a trip and want to ensure a smooth ride – place it in the glove-box of your car. Having problems with a neighbor – place one at each corner of your property.

Protection seal

Abundance in Life

This seal is really geared towards abundance in life aspects beyond money. Things like more joy, peace, and positive experiences. Perhaps you want to open new opportunities to travel, or build stronger positive bonds with friends and family – enriching your living experience – this would be a good seal to use.

Life abundance Seal

Creativity – Passion – Motivation

Looking to boost or unlock your creative mind? Maybe you want to bring new life to your work or hobbies. Perhaps you have all the dreaming going on but finding you are lacking in motivation or having a hard time starting action on your dreams. This is the seal you want.

Creative – Motivation Seal

Love and Harmony

This could be to attract the right love to you that will bring joy to your life. It could be you already have a great love but you are going through a rough patch or outside circumstances are creating stress that is flowing into the relationship.

Love is not just romantic though. Love comes in all forms – friends, family, and other people close to you. All relationships have ups and downs for many reasons – the core of this seal is to bring harmony and balance back to those relationships.

Love Seal

Growth – Advancement – Transformation

Feel like you are stuck at your job or business and want to burst open the doors of growth – this is your seal. Perhaps you want growth in your life, a positive transformation that will move you in the direction of your goals. Maybe you are struggling to even find the right direction you need to go in order to start advancing in your life. These are just a few examples of the power this seal helps with.

Advancement Seal

Deconstruction – Destruction

Sometimes things need to be broken or deconstructed in order for something new to rise. Remember though, these seals are for physical world, not internal – so this is not good for shadow work, but is excellent in Justice work. We encounter broken systems all the time in our society that creates a lot of discourse for us and others. Justice magic is a great way to start breaking those broken systems apart.

This seal is not to directly use against people. It will not work that way. You will find that it the last seal – sever bond.

destruction seal


Healing comes in many forms. Since these are for physical world, this healing would be geared towards: physical illness/ disability, mental health, disconnects within the mind/ thought processes, anxiety, and any other body/ mind alignment where physical symptoms are felt even if the cause is emotional.

healing seal

Communication – Voice – Clarity

Again, think longer term because these are seals. Perhaps you feel you do not have a strong voice, have a hard time advocating for yourself or standing up for yourself. Maybe you have a hard time with interpersonal communication or public speaking but you want to improve. We could all use more clarity in our lives, especially with all the misinformation and illusions being created and shared all over. To see past the illusions and manipulations, to see the motives behind actions, and even to just see the right path forward for ourselves.

communication seal


This is a seal specifically for Justice, not just the deconstruction or destruction that comes at the beginning. Legal issues, civil issues, and social issues can all fall under this. Remember though, there is a fine line between Justice and Vengeance – this seal will only work if what you are doing is for the reason of Justice.

justice seal

Sever Bond

This is exactly what it sounds like – to sever a bond. This can be with a person, a behavior, a habit, or other physical block. Be really sure you want this though. In my experience, once done it is done. A re-connection is going to require a lot of work and healing, and even then may not work. Do not take this Seal lightly. I caution you to think it through completely before going this route.

sever bond

Ending Thoughts

I personally love long term, living magic, like seals and servitors. You can not use it for everything by any means, but they are great for long term work, needs, and desires.

Having Seals that are specific for the physical world is very helpful for me. It allows me to be specific and clear as to which part of me (my soul/ spiritual or my body/ living) I am wanting this magic to work in. I also love the fact that these Seals really work on solar energy, which is perfect for this month’s theme.

As we get deeper into fall I will share Exsu’s Seals which all deal in the spiritual realm.

Feel free to experiment with these and see how they work for you! Have fun with it, or create some of your own.

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