Should We Go Deeper Into Solar Magic?

Should We Go Deeper Into Solar Magic? June 10, 2024

As you may know I am a bookworm. When it comes to Witchy/ Occult books, I love to read about people’s personal experiences and interpretations. It allows a glimpse into different ideas and expressions of those ideas, because in practice, magic is personal.

Being Summer time, and the month of the longest day, I decided to see what books were out there concerning Solar Magic specifically – and I only found one called Sun Magic, and that one seems to be the very basics which is not what I was interested in. We have tons on Lunar Magic but hardly anything on Solar Magic, which I find strange. So I mentioned it on my facebook page and in our Crane Practitioner group hoping someone knew of others. What I got was some interesting answers about too much association with the patriarchy, too connected to christianity, and directed towards books that had a “section” on Solar magic but no solid book dedicated just to Solar Magic.

As a Crane Practitioner I have my own perspectives and magic around the Sun, as I am sure many of you do as well. The purpose of my search was to add new perspectives and inspirations to possibly play with – because there is always more to discover. So I think this month I will be focusing more on sharing and exploring deeper in my own solar magic. My hope is that this will inspire other to share their own, as there seems to be an obvious gap here.

Every good beginning requires an understanding of foundations, so that is what I am sharing today. How I see and work within the concept of Solar Magic, along with some issues brought up by my community.

Sun and Moon

Every Tradition and Individual is going to see and connect with the Sun and Moon differently. Neither is wrong if it is right for the person using them and produces real results for them. All we can do is speak from our own perspective and experience, which is what I do.

I work in Dualities, which means I see and acknowledge both sides of that duality, working with both sides, and discovering the harmonious alignment that can be found between them. So for me, the Sun and Moon hold both masculine and feminine energies – both my Goddess and God hold aspects within both. Ushar from a physical world/body/outer self way and Exsu from the spiritual world/Soul/inner self way.

The representation of what that looks like for each is shown through the Master Pattern my Goddess showed me long ago. Each Quarter of the pattern/wheel holds the governing aspects. When it comes to the Sun and Moon, they move through the pattern together in the same way but not in the same time. Both are present at the same time, but their expression/ position is different, and where they are in the pattern are different – yet working together. Two calendars – one of the Sun and one of the Moon – same pattern.

The Master Pattern

Master Pattern – Crane Practice

The Duality of the Sun and Moon

The Solar energy is both an external and internal force. Externally it is represented by the Sun, abundance, growth, Voice, Healing, community – what is gained in the journey. Internally it is represented as the fire that moves the soul, creativity, passion, ideas, possibilities, ancestral soul – the catalyst and “why” of the journey.

The primary domains of the Solar energy for me lay in the 1st and 3rd Quarter of the pattern – Fire and Air. The Fire representing the creation of something, and the air representing the movement/ results of that creation. No matter where I am in the cycle – the energies of those two quarters are at play in some form. We only separate them for clarity, but they are all a whole (this AND that – not this OR that).

elements of the Goddess and God
Elemental Duality


Creating Solar Magic

So when I think about, or I’m creating Solar magic, it is these energies and ideas that guide me.

First, I think about where I am within myself – What am I working on right now? Where am I in a creation process? What do I need in my physical life or spiritual life right now? What needs to be illuminated? What needs to be burned away?

Whatever I am creating is for the purpose of an abundance or obtainment – either external or internal. What ever structure I build, or experience I choose, is for the transformation of it.

With all this in mind I can choose what aspects of each element I want to incorporate that will give me the best results.

woman in the sun
Solar Magic

For example (a candle spell):

I want to bring more joy and playfulness into my physical life. Because it is physical life, I would go with Solar Magic.

Since I want the full power of all parts of the cycle, I will first create a Sun water – letting a jar of water sit in the sun from sunrise to sunset. Once the water is done, I will wait till the next day around noon to perform my spell – the height of solar power.

First, I need a spark of creation or inspiration – so I would choose a floating candle of red or white (the color representing passion and energy). In the candle I will imbue the vision of what joy and playful would look like in my life. I will envision what I want within my mind, speak it, or draw it out – and as I hold the candle I will focus on it and feel the emotions of it (this is how I imbue objects). As the candle burns down it will release my spell/intention into the physical world.

Then I go to the next quarter which is the energy of Earth. I will think about what needs to be changed in order to bring more joy and playfulness to my life. I would choose energies that represent that for me and that deal in the senses – scents, tastes, feel, and so forth. I would probably think about lemons – the bright yellow and ability to be optimistic “make lemonade from lemons.” Gardenia – it is a vibrant and alluring smell to me. Then my Road Opening oil to clear the way towards my vision. I will put all this into my bowl specific for water/fire spells.

On the movement side is Air. For me this is Voice. I will gather everything in front of me (including the water for the last step). I will speak to them as a group – feeling each of the energies and weaving them together so they work together harmoniously.

Lastly is the ending energy – the Sun Water. With the intention to create the deep, lasting, flow of the joy and playfulness. I pour the water into the bowl with the earth items, place the floating candle within it, hold my vision and match my emotions to the vision, light and watch the candle burning down releasing the magic into the physical world. I can even put on some music that matches the vibration I am working within.

This is just one example. As we go through this month I will be posting more ideas and sharing some of the things I am doing with solar magic.

Ending Thoughts

Solar Magic is just as important as Moon magic in my opinion and experience. They represent a duality in many ways and on many levels. When I think and work with the Moon, it is more internal – self directed. When I need to bring something in. make changes or transformations in the physical world – the outer self and outer world – the forefront power for me is in Solar Magic. The Moon is the beginning and end of a journey – The Sun is the movement and actions of the journey.

Like I said, we all will see and experience Solar energy differently depending on our own connections and representations. Sharing our own perspectives, at the very least, shows that different perspectives exist – and at the most, can give others inspirations along their own path to experiment with or consider.

How do you work with Solar Magic?  I’d love to know in the comments.


**Additional note:

I did come across another Solar Magic book by Dorothy Morrison called Everyday Sun Magic  I really loved her book Utterly Wicked (video review) and her writing style, so I am excited to check it out! Once I am done reading it, I will post a review of my thoughts on it.

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