Hello Rumi Tuesday! Ask All from Yourself…

Hello Rumi Tuesday! Ask All from Yourself… December 20, 2016

Hello Rumi Tuesday


Milky way over che seashore and small wooden jetty in perspective



Everything in the universe


is within you.


Ask all from yourself.


~ Jalaludin Rumi



Following is a poem written in our Poetry of the Sufi Mystics webinar by one of our program participants. The poem was written in the “Finding Your Voice” class with Christiane Karam, following reflection on the above quote and an enlivening discussion. We are pleased to share this with you here.


Surrender on the Bridge

I became the bridge
Neither your side nor theirs

Making sense of paradoxes

Messages of Him
In pieces of science

Living in the maybe
Yet dying in fear

Whose voice is that anyway?
It’s so far away

I need to find it again
The voice that is mine

Because ultimate Truth
Is loud

And thought
Is a trap

And not quite here

Embodied in a body
That’s not quite mine

Trying to live in a world
Without the feeling of home

Because what is home
When I cannot be alive

Alive to all that is
Yet dying before I die

I cried, yearning
And you didn’t come

So take me to the place
That’s real, where He is

Let me come forth
To be Truth

And surrender
To You, to myself


~ Zainub Jenna Bata


Zainub Jenna Bata headshotZainub Jenna Bata writes spiritual poetry, performs spoken word and stand-up and travels like a nomad. Her expressions through poetry are for healing herself and others.

She is an entrepreneur and mediator, and has worked independently with women led businesses in various industries over the last 5 years ago, helping them to plan their businesses and develop their ideas. She has also mediated various cases and delivered training in the area of communication, public speaking, assertiveness and conflict resolution around the world.

Her overarching goal is to help women to create deep inner shifts and access their creative side. The result would be that they develop their confidence and assertiveness and the ability to deal with anything through developing a new consciousness.

Click here to learn more about Zainub Jenna Bata.


The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism opens its doors to all people who seek love, truth, justice and freedom, regardless of their religion, to all those who search for truth through the way of God. We teach how to purify your self so that your heart can more fully reflect your true essence. We welcome everyone who wants to learn how to carry the message of unity – the message of love, mercy, peace, freedom, justice and beauty.

USHS offers classes in Spiritual Healing & Counseling, Spiritual Peacemaking, and Spiritual Ministry & Sufi Studies. New Masters of Divinity classes begin each October and April. We have other distance learning opportunities as well. You are invited to join us. Click here to schedule a FREE chat with one of our advisors.


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