Hello Rumi Tuesday! How do I know?

Hello Rumi Tuesday! How do I know? January 10, 2017

Hello Rumi Tuesday


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D 1544

You ask me:”What state are you in?
– How do I know?

“Which one are you? Where do you come from?”
– What do I know?

You ask: “From which jar is the wine which made you so drunk?
– How do I know?

You ask: What does he say to you that has made you so eloquent?”
– How do I know?

You ask: “What have you seen in your life time better than life and youth?”
– How do I know?

When I looked I saw a fire in his face like the Water of Life.
– What do I know?

If I am you, then who are you?

Is this you, or are you that?
– How do I know?

How can I have thoughts like this?

You are the beloved soul.
What do I know?

You tell me: “You always stand around on the road. What are you, a sentry?”
– How do I know?

Sometimes you turn me into a bow, sometimes an arrow.

Which are you, a bow or an arrow?
– How do I know?

Happy the moment you say: “Should I give you life?”

I’d say: “You know best.”
– How do I know?

I am so impatient, so I say: “Shams of Tabriz, you’re like this or like that.”
What do I know?


~ Jalaludin Rumi, translated by Iraj Anvar, Ph.D.



The Poetry of the Sufi Mystics online course continues. I’m excited to share another poem written during the class as we reflected on the practice of Remembering the Name of God in the night. The following is from Zainub Jenna Bata.

Lightness of the Night

There You are
I open my eyes in the dark
And see more vividly
Than I have ever seen before

To be a visionary
You need to be ‘Awake’
So while your soul sleeps
Mine is wide open

Receiving stars into my pockets
Like they are dropping out of the sky
So I can carry them around
Whilst I walk amongst men

I sit up straight
The only arches are of my feet
Which are tingling
With the sensation of love

There it is
A flicker
A flame
I am being showered with golden rain

Envisioning a life of solitude
Yet feeling the feelings
Of a thousand parents
And a thousand children

For how do you describe
The feeling of eternity?
When it is not a feeling
But a state of being

The lightness engulfs you
You scrunch up your eyes
How can I see love?
When it’s so dark?

Because that’s what happens
When you create space
For lightness
In the night

~ Zainub Jenna Bata


Zainub Jenna Bata headshotZainub Jenna Bata writes spiritual poetry, performs spoken word and stand-up and travels like a nomad. Her expressions through poetry are for healing herself and others.

She is an entrepreneur and mediator, and has worked independently with women led businesses in various industries over the last 5 years ago, helping them to plan their businesses and develop their ideas. She has also mediated various cases and delivered training in the area of communication, public speaking, assertiveness and conflict resolution around the world.

Her overarching goal is to help women to create deep inner shifts and access their creative side. The result would be that they develop their confidence and assertiveness and the ability to deal with anything through developing a new consciousness.

Click here to learn more about Zainub Jenna Bata.


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