Hello Rumi Tuesday! When you have love…

Hello Rumi Tuesday! When you have love… January 3, 2017

Hello Rumi Tuesday


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When you have love and yearning in your heart,
but it remains closed, know that there is a reason!
Go, sit at the heart’s doorstep, and deep in the night,
or perhaps when dawn wakes, the hidden beloved will appear.
A rare and wondrous thing is a soul,
detached from the world, seeking God.
Eyes that see from this world to the next
belong to the clear-sighted whose name in honored.
One who owns this vision is one with the Spirit,
when he renders up his soul, he dances with joy.
Tripping on a stone he finds a pearl.
His soul leaves his lips to kiss lips sweeter.
Since in his eyes a king’s crown is nothing,
though born unknown, he embodies nobility.
Silence! Don’t reveal secrets just anywhere:
even in the assembly of pure souls, there are enemies.


~ Jalaludin Rumi, translated by Iraj Anvar, Ph.D.



One of the most powerful practices of the Sufi path

is to sit at the heart’s doorstep in the deep night to early morning,

calling on The One by His Names.

In the last third of the night before sunrise,

the veils between the worlds are thinnest,

and the air is most quiet.

The practice is a meditation called The Remembrance.

It’s a time for remembering God, praise be to The One.

You simply wake before dawn, sit in the quiet space,

call out to the Name, Allah.

Speak the Name and breathe It into your heart center.

Turn your heart to face the Essence,

and let your heart leap to kiss lips sweeter.

Drink from the lips of your heart to be

filled with the Ocean of Love,

until the ocean of your existence within your drop

returns to be One with the Ocean Itself –

to be one with the Essence of the One.


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