Hello Rumi Tuesday! Is your life turning upside down?

Hello Rumi Tuesday! Is your life turning upside down? July 11, 2017

Hello Rumi Tuesday


Skydiver flies head down

Try not to resist the changes that come your way.


Instead let life live through you.


And do not worry that your life


is turning upside down.


How do you know that the side you are used to


is better than the one to come?


by Jalaluddin Rumi




Is your life turning upside down?

In all honesty, my life feels like it’s toppling a bit right now.

Has your guidance ever led you in a direction

where you might have to let someone down

in order to be true to yourself?

Can you be caring and compassionate,

can you maintain integrity and honor your commitments,

and still 100% of the time be true to yourself?

Then again, if you do not follow through on commitments to others,

are you being true to yourself?

Sometimes life brings changes you do not anticipate.

What if you want to go with the changes that are coming your way

because they feel right, they feel like a Divine gift

that is perfectly orchestrated just for you –

until someone shows up in total fear,

and they are counting on you.

You can see their life would be better,

even blossom beyond what they believe is possible,

if only they could say yes and trust,

but their fear holds them back,

and you are seemingly caught in the middle.

Somewhere between one person’s fear and dependence on you

and a call from within for expansion and personal growth,

you sit. Waiting. Contemplating.

Where do I go?

Who am I serving?

There is only One to serve.

Are there really no mistakes?

But what about missed opportunities?

And what about breaking hearts?

Perhaps the opportunity is in the conundrum.

It is through the contraction that we find the expansion.

It is in these times we find trust.

It is in these times we come to know

the Essence of the One.

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Copyright: ID 29149174 © Ivan Mikhaylov | Dreamstime.com
ID 47377906 © Hayati Kayhan | Dreamstime.com
Adobe Stock Photo: © Joggie Botma #39117414



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