New Years Eve with Ryan, Jennifer, Fergie & Jodi

New Years Eve with Ryan, Jennifer, Fergie & Jodi December 31, 2009

Ryan Seacrest is on T.V.  Jennifer Lopez is about to perform.  There are 750,000 people on the streets at Times Square.  And I am…

…watching it.  Happily.  As nice as it would be to be standing in 35 degree weather in the rain, watching Fergie shake her groove thang, I’m glad to be blogging tonight.  It’s nice to have time to think, ya know?

The beginning of a new year -a new decade even- got me thinking about, what else, my not-yet-written New Years Resolutions.

For many many years I usually take two-three hours sometime in the 1st week of every new year to review back on the last year: mistakes, joys, regrets, triumphs, etc.  My uber smart husband came up with a list of 15 questions to help me reflect effectively that I’ve used over and over again.  After reflecting I plan, pray and decide on hopes and dreams for the year to come.

I’m excited to get to that sometime in the next week.  It’s a wonderful exercise I highly recommend for any of you wanting to live an intentional and thoughtful life.  (Perhaps, I’ll make the time to type them up for ya).

As I reflect on what is to come I am excited to think through these next 10 years.  A new decade! I’ll be in my forties ~wow.  Honest to blog, I hope I’m a mother of four by then! 🙂

Any ideas on a few things you want to focus on in this next year?  Off the top of my head, Dave & I know we want to focus on our family.  I’m hoping that should be a little easier since I’ll be working less. (More on that later).

Back to Ryan Seacrest, lounging with Jodi, red velvet cake, nursing Rhys and considering my life as the ball drops…


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