Blockbusta, Blockbusted Blockbuster. Adapt or Die.

Blockbusta, Blockbusted Blockbuster. Adapt or Die. February 3, 2012

As I was driving past our local Blockbuster last night, I felt a tinge of sadness at their closing.  We too, abandoned them in favor of Netflix even though at some point I swore I wouldn’t.

Like most of you, convenience and cost won out.

It got me thinking about how the internet explosion of the last 15ish years has caused everything to change so drastically.

BlockBUSTA is a good reminder for all of us entrepreneurialista types to invest and believe in what were doing enough that we push through fear and to take bold risks intentionally. I’m testing out my theory on my blog and in writing my book.  I was once afraid of self-publishing –no longer!  My preference is of course one of the “big six” to throw me six-digits while giving me an atta-girl bear hug, but the publishing world —like everything else— is in the midst of great transition due to ebooks, Kindle and the like.  Point is, if you, your company, your business, your brand, your blog, your non-profit, your book or craft project, etc. aren’t willing to adapt in this ever changing global environment, you will get left in the dust.

It was 1998, when Reed Hastings got pissed off about a $40 late fee on a six-week late Apollo 13 VHS Blockbuster rental and decided to create Netflix.  That one idea: to eliminate late fees, put Blockbuster on an entirely different trajectory and made Reed one of the most successful entrepreneur’s of the last decade.

Get creative, go big or go home, adapt or die.


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