adventures February 16, 2012

First for everything!  My first time blogging mid-flight, Dallas to Detroit!  Although I think I’m about to get shut down.

I’m on a big adventure for these next few weeks.  I’ve just left somewhat-warm, Texas to head to somewhat-freezing Detroit.  I’m driving in a very-warm car 2 hours home, only to get back up and drive 5 hours to a somewhat-freezing Cleveland.

These past three days have been…wonderful…sad.  Wonderfully sad…

I was part of a spiritual formation group for staff directors in InterVarsity from across the country.  At these events, God speaks, and others speak into your life and aint always pretty.  I cried.  And then I cried more.  I laughed too.

These next three days are the culmination of over six months of planning.  I’m directing a conference for African-American students in our 4 state region.  The conference is 1/2 of my job description and I’m equally excited and equally terrified.  Mostly, giddy.

After that, I’ll be home for one measly day until I head off again to our regional leadership team meetings.  I would be more excited about these if it weren’t for the aforementioned items coming just days before but also because we’ll be interviewing hords of new people, so I have a lot of applications to read…still.  Don’t tell my boss.

It’s all an adventure.  It’s everything I love about working.  It’s sad to be away from my two kiddo’s but at the same time they love spending time with their Daddy and they can’t get enough of their grandparents.  During the day, they really enjoy going to their home daycare…who can argue with that?

So.  My adventure goes on.  Hopefully, I’ll have some excellent blog fodder for the next two weeks when I come back to this joint. =)


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