Lent February 23, 2012
Photo Courtesy of: Relevant Magazine

Being a Minister by vocation does not mean I’m up on every important event in the Christian calendar.  In fact, yesterday I was at some work meetings and had forgotten it was Ash Wednesday until some of my colleagues invited me to join them at a 7am mass.  As much as I wanted to get those black ashes smeared on my forehead I’ve been on the road for eight days in three states…I just did not have the energy to get my tired behind out of the bed any earlier than I needed to. Sigh.

I rest in God’s grace.

In any case, I am going to practice Lent this year by giving up being hurried.  It’s going to be an interesting, well-planned 40 days…I think. =)

Last year around this time I wrote, Lent: I’m Finsta Go Ninja on Yo Behind which is a bit of a fuller explanation if your new to the whole joint.

Relevant Magazine also has a GREAT article Why Practicing Lent is Crazy. It’s written by Christine Jeske, author of Into The Mud whose hubby is an InterVarsity colleague, that I’ve never met, but enjoy on Facebook! =)

Here’s to some Lenten sacrifice,

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