Who is this A.P.E.?

Who is this A.P.E.? September 10, 2012
Some of the InterVarsity students & alumni who joined together to throw me a goodbye celebration party a few weeks ago!

When I started in campus ministry several years ago, I was 18, unmotivated, and a confused biracial kid with baggage up the wazoo and not a mite of confidence except in the only things I’d managed to perfect: fashion and hair.  I started tagging along with the InterVarsity kids not because of Jesus or even to chase after the random hot dudes I frequently pursued.

I went because the InterVarsity staff worker at Wayne State was black.  Up to that point, I hadn’t known a single African-American Christian living faithfully to Jesus and I was desperate to see, touch, taste and feel that experience. Instinctively, I knew I’d never follow Jesus in a genuine way if I hadn’t seen it lived out among people who looked, talked, acted, thought and danced like I did…

You can finish reading this post over on Release The A.P.E., a newly launched site I’ll be guest contributing for monthly.  This post is a little bit more about my journey into full-time Ministry and how my “A.P.E.” (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic) gifts played out in that context.

I’m still working on the post in which I describe why I left Ministry & my online identity of ‘Minister Mama’ behind.  And even though I’m not officially employed by InterVarsity I’m excited to still have a voice in the Christian community.

So, go on and get to know a side of me I don’t talk much about here at GWG, a bit more…


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