What Makes My Christmas Merry

What Makes My Christmas Merry December 24, 2013

Whose are you God?

merry christmas angels

I am hers.

She. The one who wants to be raped. Beaten. Pillaged. She does not want a man to make love to her. No. She wants to be screwed. It ain’t pretty. It ain’t romantic. It does not feel good. It does not need to. These are blurred lines. He knows she wants it.  Do it like hurt.

I am hers.

She. The one who does not want to be raped. But there she is. Raw. Red. Pulsing. Terrified.  It is finished.

I am hers.

She. The one who’s husband left. He made her believe he loved her.  She thought she was somewhat worthy, somewhat loveable… Her reality is no longer. She’s rocked.  Until hope comes, she’s done.

I am hers.

She. She buried her Mama at 9.  She sat with her 13 siblings while they carried & laid her most treasure in the dirty ground.  Her existence sucked out from underneath her feet.

I am hers.

She. The whose husband beat, beat, beat her down. She got up but ultimately he won.

I am hers.

Whose are you God & for whom did you bound into this world?


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