The Science of Discontent

The Science of Discontent October 17, 2015


A few days ago, my new husband released his 2nd collection of poetry, essays & articles called The Science of Discontent. I bought his first offering, Like Hitchhiking in Space within days of first meeting him over the phone.  What better way to get to know a dating partner than to read their deepest pontifications? Seriously. It was like the equivalent of 10 date conversations. Dating a published author is pure jackpot.

That first book was several hundred pieces he’d been working on from 2000-2006ish. Okay, I’ll admit it was a bit jarring at first to read his love poems for his previous significant relationships and first marriage. Once I pulled myself together on that, I was able to really enter in to the stories of who he is, how he grew up, love lost, mistakes made, knowledge gained, faith embraced. Mostly, I found myself in awe of what a beautiful poet he is, but I also knew very clearly: this man will understand me.

Last night, I started the newest collection.  Like the first, he’s bleeding all over the page, several hundred poems & thoughts compiled from 2006ish – 2009ish. I tried to explain to him last night what a gift it is to pour yourself out so vulnerably that way. Actually, my sentiments reflect things others have told me all along. We’re very similar in that way. Most of his blogs are private & anonymous or I’d link for reference.

Like the first collection, he’s sharing his deepest sorrows from everything he experienced during that time: a divorce, a cross-country move, being childless, loss of career, starting over, broken engagement, exploring therapy and all manner of heartache. But he’s also weaving together the picture of how he looked to his faith for the complete and utter hopelessness he was facing and how God restored and renewed.

A few pieces brought me to tears. A few pieces had me brimming with pride. Even if we weren’t married, I’d be proud to just know him.  When you meet a survivor, a fighter, someone who is unwilling to give up or give in no matter how badly they’ve been hurt or what mistakes they’ve made you root for them.  And if you’ve been through very similar circumstances, you know you have more than enough empathy to offer. I’m eager for his third collection, the one that will bring us up to present day.

If you’ve liked my bleed-on-the-page-style of writing, but appreciate poetry even more, you’ll enjoy Marcelle’s plethora of work. And for only $2.99 —at 247 pages— it’s quite the bargain.

I’m going to give it 5 stars, though my bias is fully acknowledged.

Go pick it up & get to know the heart of a beautiful man.

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