I asked for two letters

I asked for two letters January 5, 2016

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A few weeks before Christmas, my 10 yr. old asked what he could give me for Christmas that would be meaningful for me. Truthfully, he asked what he could do for me, substituting as a Christmas gift. His Dad had mentioned a few tasks around the house that Ransom agreed to do in exchange for a gift. Now, he’d come to me asking if I wanted him to clean my bathroom as a meaningful gesture. Very sweet indeed.

I told him nothing would mean more to me than a handwritten letter straight from his heart.

Really?!  He asked. That’s it?

Son, you have no idea. A letter from you would launch me to the moon.


When the husband came around sniffing for Christmas ideas I told him the exact same thing. Our December was much tighter financially than we’d expected and as much I’d loved a big, expensive romantic gesture I wanted nothing more than a simple letter.

Really?! A letter?! Ugh. That’s what you want? Another letter?!

Yes babe. I really, really, really, really do.


Last year for Christmas, my husband Dionne, my boyfriend at the time, surprised me with a letter. We’d really only begun dating a few days before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. He’d mentioned he got me “something small,” I was hoping for something with chocolate & maybe a cute stuffed animal.

He gave me a few Rastaclat bracelets, his favorite brand. He has one in every color for himself & even bought a special white one for our wedding day. My husband is King of Coordinated Accessories. Just another thing I completely adore about him. I digress.

After I opened the red & spicy leopard skin bracelets he handed me a three page typed document which admittedly took me off guard. Every word & sentiment of this letter was beautiful. I cherished that letter -and still do- with every fiber of my being. He may not have meant to, but he did something dangerous for a woman’s heart:

He set precedent.


For three weeks of December at least, I thought about the letters I was anticipating from Dionne & Ransom. I was a bit taken aback by just how excited I was to read the words from two of my favorite people on the planet.

I felt similarly while I waited for our wedding day, knowing my husband had written his own vows. He’d all ready written this poem for me. And the next one he penned for me took my breath away.

I love his words for me, they are a carefully crafted gift in which I’m SLAIN.


When we began our journey out of town for the Christmas festivities we realized -far too late- that we’d left the box of presents at home: presents for his family, for his daughter and for each other. I was almost scared to ask: where is my Christmas letter???? (i.e. Please God let him have it on his person because I am too filled with anticipation! I know, I know, I do thee most).

He had it with him.


Come Christmas morning I was able to breathe in each beautiful word and sentiment of Dionne’s words. He did not disappoint. I’ve kept the letter in my purse and I’ve been back for seconds more than a few times.

The next day, I celebrated Christmas with my boys. I took in Ransom’s word with equal appreciation and joy. The youngest, Rhys, made me so many special gifts which I cherish as well.


The older I get, the more I realize what I really want out of life. I want the generous love and appreciation from the people I love the most. That’s no easy request & I pray I never take advantage of the love of my husband & children. Diamonds aren’t a girls best friend. Meh. Don’t need ’em. What I have is far greater…

…I got two letters for Christmas.

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