Rage September 13, 2016

If I had

the power of invisibility
the power of flight
the power of unlimited strength
I would unleash a rage
built up over these years
settling on tired shoulders.
A rage like this world has never seen.
Rage at my father
Rage for little girls, cut.
Rage for my people
Rage at the powerful
Rage at the law makers
Rage at the suits
Rage for black women
Rage for sex slavery
Rage at his betrayal
Rage for Kalief Browder
Rage for beaten dogs
Rage for colonization
Rage for my city
Rage here
Rage there
Rage everywhere
and there would be no end.
While the heavens cry out the glory of God
my reign of terror
would barely be satiated
by death’s sting
at murderous hands.
But I have no power
of invisibility
of flight
of unlimited strength.
No platform.
No flight.
No fight.
No strength.
No money.
No home.
Nothing to brag or boast.
There is no power to speak of
but this muffled voice
which boasts of my rage
and asks who’d I’d be
if I became powerful me.
Let the heavens declare
the glory of His name
meanwhile I’ll thank God
I have no power to rage
only desire to make known

I’ll raise my muffled

voice on behalf of those

powerless to use their own.


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