Mark Shea on one of my pet obsessions

Mark Shea on one of my pet obsessions August 30, 2012

(All my pets are obsessions.) But no, I’m amazed at how often we cut ourselves off from a way of life which would be immensely fruitful for us, because we don’t identify with something we view as its central metaphor. See previous posts here (top post) and here. Shea:

This phenomenon of Evangelicals discovering truths of Catholic theology by accident happens quite often.  I have thought more than once that it might be handy to compile a Catholic/Evangelical phrasebook that would allow both parties to speak to each other.  Evangelicals have a profoundly pragmatic approach to the faith which tends to overwhelm their own professed doctrines by sheer confrontation with reality.  So try as they might, they tend to adopt Catholic ideas under other names, because Catholic theology describes reality.

more (ETA: Okay, this is really more of a related or tangential point, rather than directly my obsession. Still, I thought it was interesting–and of course when two competing metaphors or languages are used about the same thing, usually both of them manage to illuminate different and important aspects of that thing.)

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