Enough Is Never Enough… Of “The Stuff”!

Enough Is Never Enough… Of “The Stuff”! November 4, 2013

So here in the wacky land we call the Catholic Church, Halloween is the beginning of spooky death season, not the end. All of November is set aside to honor the dead, and while I may have some serious posts on that theme, I also plan to watch a ton of horror movies, because I’m the Halloween equivalent of the person who gets really intense about singing Christmas carols on December 26, apparently. I started off with The Stuff, a 1985 killer-yogurt flick.

Well, the 1985 killer-yogurt flick, I hope.

I enjoyed myself immensely. Funny, glitzy, gory… a little dollop of The World’s End and just a few parts per million of Requiem for a Dream. There are legitimately creepy moments, like the awful, Stuff-addicted dad’s line, “It kills the bad things inside you!” There are some phenomenally 1980s commercials. There’s… a comedy racist coup d’etat, to give you a bit of head-spinning Is this where we’re going with this? There are super-cheap special effects, which I didn’t care about, but it might help to know going in that things will get cheesy. There’s a sting ending and a little treat after the end credits. There’s Clara Peller, that really happened. Michael Moriarty is super fun as an industrial spy. It’s available on Netflix streaming!

So yes, if you were wondering whether any movie could really live up to the tagline, “Are you eating it–or is it eating you?”, I think you’ll want to sample The Stuff.

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