“Serious Christians Should Abstain From”… Thing I Totally Did

“Serious Christians Should Abstain From”… Thing I Totally Did December 3, 2013

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry makes a very good point:

Remember when Pope Francis gave that interview? And he said something heretical-sounding? And all orthodox Christians blew a fuse? And it turned out the interview wasn’t proofread and Francis never said that?


In fact I’d been wondering whether I should add a note to this post, since the one place where I got up on my hind feet and took a swipe at Pope Francis was in fact a paraphrase/distortion. I decided not to, but PEG made me rethink that, in part because I know I included the bit about what I didn’t understand or approve in the Pope’s interview so that I could attempt to gain audience trust by distinguishing myself from the Pope. Like, she’s not just some Vatican lackey, she thinks her own thoughts! (…Good for me?) Worth flagging so I don’t do it again.

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