Blogwatch, With Her Gummy Hands

Blogwatch, With Her Gummy Hands February 15, 2014

Some links for a slushy Saturday evening.

LGBT Rights and the UN: What the Church Does Not Teach.” Powerful.

Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators.” Basically because we’ve always had it too easy and don’t know how to work. I’d heard most of this before and it very much rings true for me–studying Russian has been a fairly brutal confrontation with my own limits, my quick temper and immediate frustration and a whole host of other character defects which are brought out when a task is hard for me–but the thing which was new was the fact that not everyone feels this way:

While many of the people she studied hated tasks that they didn’t do well, some people thrived under the challenge. They positively relished things they weren’t very good at—for precisely the reason that they should have: when they were failing, they were learning.

I literally never realized those people exist!

But I bet it comes naturally to them, so there’s no point in trying to cultivate it.

Punk rocker describes his return to Catholicism.

And last, this beautiful post from Calah Alexander: “What Love Looks Like.

Sometimes I get really caught up in wishing we’d had a more traditional romance, that the Ogre had been speechless when he saw me in my wedding dress, that there had been more flowers and chocolates and less drug interventions and OB appointments. I confuse what our culture tells me love is supposed to look like with what love looks like for me.


Post title from this poem, which I truly love.

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