From Josip Novakovich, “April Fool’s Day”

From Josip Novakovich, “April Fool’s Day” May 6, 2014

“If he’d kept drinking slivovitz, he’d still be all right, I am sure. The trouble with vodka is that it doesn’t feel like anything, so you can drink a whole bottle without vomiting or your throat burning. Slivovitz won’t let you do that–when you drink it, you know you are drinking.”

“You are right about that. After two glasses, your stomach is on fire, and after three, you are vomiting. That’s a good safety check built right into the drink. God’s wisdom is in the plums–that’s how He takes care of us. You don’t have to worry about self-control there. Oh good, where did you get that? Na zdravlje!

The sound of glass clicking and gulping ensued.

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