The Pub Curmudgeon on the Rolling English Road

The Pub Curmudgeon on the Rolling English Road July 10, 2014

origin of the poem, which I hadn’t known, etc:

…It isn’t widely realised, though, that the poem actually comes from a strange novel by Chesterton entitled The Flying Inn which was published in 1914 and is described by Charles Moore in the linked article, which oddly fails to name it in its title. As he says, “The novel is mostly quite silly, and occasionally objectionable.”

The theme of the book, which in a way is prophetic but at the same time very wide of the mark, is a takeover of England by Islam, albeit one that is sponsored by members of the ruling class in the name of order and progress. Obviously this involves a clampdown on beer and pubs, and the book chronicles a campaign of disruption and civil disobedience to undermine it.

And there is a point there – that indirect, boozy muddling through is often preferable to ruler-straight, sober, logical order.


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