“United Sweets of America”: Slate

“United Sweets of America”: Slate September 2, 2014

makes an important contribution to national comity:

Lane cake

Also known as Alabama Lane cake, Lane cake is one of those boozy, eggy, dried-fruit-filled confections we don’t eat enough of these days. Invented by Emma Rylander Lane in the 1890s, a Lane cake is a sponge cake layered with a raisin-bourbon filling and frosted with a marshmallow-y “boiled white frosting.” Lane cake is also to Harper Lee what the madeleine is to Marcel Proust: The baked good makes several appearances in the Alabama-set To Kill a Mockingbird.

YES THERE’S ONE FOR ALL FIFTY STATES. A very fun piece, despite its awful choice for my hometown. Cupcakes, for real, because of a reality show? At least it isn’t government-themed. But why not a salty oatmeal cookie?

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