“Becoming Christians: What If You Are an SSA Couple?”: LivingOut

“Becoming Christians: What If You Are an SSA Couple?”: LivingOut October 2, 2014

I don’t love the insistence on re-terming this relationship a “friendship”–like, give people some breathing room to figure out how they want to talk about their own difficulties and loves!–and I would emphasize more the need to minimize disruption for your children. But overall this is compassionate advice, from a trio of (openly!) same-sex attracted Christian ministers/speakers in England:

We recently received an email from a member of a same-sex couple who have both just committed their lives to Christ.

As well as rejoicing in this wonderful news, we were struck by their very relevant and understandable question: they have a child, and are trying to live as a Christian family, including considering that it might be right for them to stop the sexual side of their relationship and become celibate. Where does that leave them as a family? Would it be right for them to continue living together in the same house, but seeking to live celibate lives? As this is a question which I often get asked, I thought it might be helpful to share my take on this.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Part of what we want to do through Living Out is challenge the idea that everyone has to be married in an opposite-sex marriage, have children and so on. You can live a very fulfilling life without sex – but you cannot live a fulfilling life without intimacy and friendship. So, for some single people (whether same-sex attracted or not), living with Christian friends can be a great blessing.

But what about the specifics of this question?

more–nice point about godparents btw. Oh and you can get my own take on this question in my book….

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