“In Cana of Galilee”: PEG

“In Cana of Galilee”: PEG February 27, 2015

old post well worth revisiting:

This initiation of the miracle by Mary is not just an illustration of the importance of women. It also parallels another story, from the Old Testament: that of Eve, who drives Adam to eat the apple. The miracle of Cana shows that, just as Jesus is the New Adam, Mary the Immaculate is the New Eve. Just as Eve had to push Adam to act, Mary pushes Jesus into the world, not simply by giving birth, but also by initiating his public life. What a powerful symbol, that the Redemption of humanity should begin with this mirror, righted image of the Fall. Imagine it for a second: at this stage, Mary knows that pushing him to perform a miracle and start his public life will lead to the humiliation, torture and death of her only son, and yet she is the one who does it. While Jesus is having fun at a party, how serious, how weighty her “They have no wine“ must have been.


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