“What I’ve Learned As a Gay Catholic”: I’m at LifeTeen

“What I’ve Learned As a Gay Catholic”: I’m at LifeTeen March 4, 2015

doin’ my thing:

…So far I’ve only written about what you as an individual gay Christian might be called to do. But we are all responsible for one another; and Catholic communities often fail in their responsibilities to their gay members. We need a critical obedience, which takes the Church as Mother and guide but stands in solidarity with all the people harmed by Christians. I have friends who were bullied in Catholic schools, who were forced or pressured into damaging “reparative therapy,” who were told by priests that they were to blame for the mistreatment they received from others.

If you’re experiencing anything like that, know that the most important truth about how God views gay people is that He delights in us and wants others to cherish us as He does.


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