Two Links About Wesley Hill’s Fabulous New Book “Spiritual Friendship”

Two Links About Wesley Hill’s Fabulous New Book “Spiritual Friendship” April 15, 2015

Oh so much more on this book from me coming soon!

First, Wes is interviewed by Jonathan Merritt for RNS:

RNS: Let’s start with the foundation. How do you define friendship in a sentence or two?

WH: According to Christian writers of the past, spiritual or Christ-centered friendship—the kind of friendship I’m writing about—is a bond between two (or more) people who feel affection for each other. But it’s also a bond that has a trajectory. It’s a relationship that’s about helping one another along towards deeper love of God and neighbor. I like that but would add that as those sorts of friendships mature and deepen, they often start to become more committed and permanent. It’s almost as if the friends want to become more like spiritual siblings.


Next, your must-read for the day, Matthew Loftus–this piece is so good–I will be mulling it for a while:

Wesley Hill’s new book Spiritual Friendship is not an easy read. It’s short, yes, coming in at under 150 pages. But in that space Hill manages to be disquieting on a subject that is often taken for granted–specifically, the question of how we form and maintain intimate friendships. Part historical survey, part Biblical analysis, and part personal reflection, Spiritual Friendship manages to be informative and insightful but also unnerving and challenging. Rather than a full review, I’d like to briefly summarize the themes in the book and then respond to some of the questions that it raises. Since Wesley grounded his exploration of friendship in his experiences and friendships, I’d like to do the same as I recount some of what my wife and I have learned from our time in inner-city Baltimore.

more! go!

And buy Wes’s book!

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