“What’s Hiding Behind Our Identity (Politics)?”: I’m at AmCon

“What’s Hiding Behind Our Identity (Politics)?”: I’m at AmCon April 2, 2015

having massive esprit d’escalier about this piece, but it does some good stuff I think:

…And so I wonder, when I see the multiplication of identity-politics terms and initials—LGBTQIAABBQLOL and all that—what might be hidden in these terms. Right now our discourse around the spread of identity labeling mostly takes place entirely on the labels’ own terms: Are asexuals “really” queer, or do they just have victimization envy? Is “demisexual” even a thing, or is this just how people who don’t like being normal say “normal”? I wonder what we’d see if we stepped entirely off the identity battleground, and asked what else these terms are trying to articulate. Are some of these terms, for some people, a way of articulating religious longings, an unacknowledged vocation, or a criticism of surrounding culture?


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