“Accidental Stylites”: Libresco on Making Joyful Piety Easier

“Accidental Stylites”: Libresco on Making Joyful Piety Easier May 23, 2015

more on the discussion she describes later, but I really liked her description of her project:

Living a Christian life on your own is something people had to discern and prepare for.  Often, monks needed the permission of a superior if they wanted to go off into the desert alone. Unfortunately, it’s easy for Christian laypeople to wind up as accidental stylites — living their faith alone, without the guidance, affection, rhythms, or shared enthusiasm that would result from living in community.  As I see the Benedict Option, it’s a way to prevent that from happening, to make sure that Christians clear space for some distinctly Christian communal spaces, so that your faith isn’t confined to your pew, your room, and the inside of your own head.

more (and see also my “Self-Abboting: Threat or Menace?” post, I think)

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