A Little Free Library: Read the Comments!

A Little Free Library: Read the Comments! June 9, 2015

Via Prince of Petworth:

Hi all- I live at this house and it’s my free library. We’re a house of returning citizens (ex-offenders) and we made this library (and do other things) to be a positive force in our neighborhood. The artist, a friend of ours, created a painting scheme that looks like row houses that are the covers of DC-based books. We also put up the Free Minds logo (a book club that works with kids who via Title 16 have to go to adult prison as juveniles) because they’ve supported some of us, and they are a book club for kids in jail And of course we had to put up the DC flag! You can learn more about our company at cleandecisions.com. We just made this for ourselves, but would be happy to make libraries for others if of interest


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