“Married or Not, All Families Deserve Equal Benefits”: WaPo

“Married or Not, All Families Deserve Equal Benefits”: WaPo September 21, 2015

I would frame this in terms of supporting caregiving–framing things in terms of “equality” just encourages people to judge the depth of others’ relationships in the abstract (are boyfriends and husbands really equal?), instead of asking whether caregiving and sacrificial love are really taking place. Still, this makes an important point:

Both government and the private sector can do more. Only three states have paid family leave laws, and only California’s law covers care for siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and parents-in-law. I consider my gay stepbrother and his partner as “framily — friends and family.” Along with my partner, three of the four of us manage our chronic health conditions extremely well. The law should see this for what it is: affection, solidarity, and love.

more (via Libresco I think)

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