Take Me to Church–But Not the Ones that Hurt: Starting a Book Project

Take Me to Church–But Not the Ones that Hurt: Starting a Book Project September 9, 2015

Hey y’all. This is all in the very, very first stages, but I’m talking with a publisher about the possibility of doing a book of essays by Catholics who were badly mistreated by their churches or by Catholic communities or institutions, but who continue to practice the faith. My working title is Wounded in the House of a Friend, so that gives you sort of the idea. I’m looking for a wide range of experiences–there are so many different sorrows–and a wide range of genres, from personal memoir to hagiography, practical guidance, theological reflection, Scriptural reflection, and gallows humor.

What this is not is an argument, “I stuck it out with the Catholic Church and you should too!” The target audience of the book is fellow Catholics who are in parallel situations and who have already decided to stay in the Church–I’m hoping this book can be a companion on their journey. Outer rings of the target would be pastors and laypeople who want to know how better to accompany people in their churches who have been wounded within specifically Catholic settings.

If you’d be interested in contributing, please email me, and PLEASE spread this post as widely as you can. Know that if this project doesn’t end up coming to fruition as a book (like I said, it is just at the very earliest stages) I will work hard to make sure everything produced for it finds a home and brings its author some cheddar–we all gotta get paid. Thanks so much.

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