“The Gun Control We Deserve”: Terrific article

“The Gun Control We Deserve”: Terrific article July 18, 2016

at n+1:

At the deepest level, the schizoid landscape of American gun control is the product of two phenomena, both baked into the American past and protean in their contemporary manifestations. First, a long history of skirmishes over who should be armed and how—fraught battles that pivot on questions of race, class, masculinity, and the role of law enforcement.1 Second, the synergy between American militarism and capitalism: a perennial entanglement that has produced a society in which there are more guns than civilians to own them. Together, these forces combine to make debates over whether or not guns should be kept in private hands theoretical at best and, more often than not, proxy conversations that distract us from ugly social realities and broken institutions.

more (and hey look, this stellar piece even includes an invocation of “gun violence as public health issue” that doesn’t obscure state violence or propose law enforcement as “treatment”…)

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